Music Mondays: what the hell are we doing

I’ve just had a couple of weeks with an overload of (mostly rock) music. So, instead of showcasing one of the bands/artists that I saw over the past few days, I’m just going to include a lesser-known artist with a beautiful and quite calming song for this Monday morning.

Lots to do today! And I’ll be in Malta next week. CANNOT WAIT.

Also, have you seen my 6-month Luxembourg post? It’s been very well-received among people who, like me, have moved to Luxembourg.

Have a happy Monday.

{ Orla Gartland // Whispers }

PS: the playlist.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: festival goodness

These past two weekends have been all about music festivals. Last week, we went to Rock Werchter in Belgium. It was spectacular. I’m still not a fan of camping in a field with thousands of rowdy festival-goers, but the music was just so top-notch… it was hugely worth it. This weekend, it’s Rock-a-Field, in Luxembourg! The highlights have been Bastille on Friday (so good!) and Kate Tempest yesterday (OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD good – where do I sign up to follow this woman to the ends of the Earth?). Tonight, it’s Alt-J and Muse (again!). I’m ecstatic, and a little exhausted. Cheese alert: music is one of the things I live for.

I’ve been in Luxembourg for 6 months

Aiden Tate on Instagram

I’ve been in Luxembourg for exactly 6 months. Half a year. I’m writing this sitting in my lovingly furnished office in our Bonnevoie apartment, in sweltering heat (it’s a freakish 35 degrees right now, and we have no air conditioning, and all fans within a 100-mile radius seem to be sold out).

This morning, I had my last B1.1 French lesson, where I found that I did very well in our end-of-semester tests. While waiting for the bus this afternoon, a woman spoke to me in French and asked me for details about how to catch a bus to a certain bus stop, and I replied (in French!) with the correct information.

The past 6 months have been nothing like what I expected. I didn’t expect much, to be honest – but I did initially expect that I would quickly get sucked into a 9am-6pm job, at least by March/April. That did not happen, but other things did. My proofreading business flourished beautifully over the last few months, and I’m very proud of my work, my productivity, and the amount of work I attract. However, Luxembourg is very expensive, and I still don’t make enough money to live comfortably in a city like this. I’m hopeful about a number of avenues opening up before me over the next few weeks/months, however, so I’m very aware that my situation may change very soon (hopefully for the better!).

I’m loving Luxembourg. My visits to places like Belgium (while it’s also a gorgeous country), solidify my love for Luxembourg as my country-on-the-continent of choice. The weather is very strange – I never imagined it could be so warm after such a cold winter. But that’s what happens when you come from a country with such a mild climate, and after living in a very cold city (Durham) for a year, where I was wearing my winter coat all through summer.

My impressions of Luxembourg are ultimately married with my impressions of living alone with my boyfriend for the first time. It’s all going very well, and the benefits of living alone totally outweigh the annoying bits (i.e. having to do eeeeeverything yourself, and having to live with a particularly messy person – although he does do most of the cooking <3).

Luxembourg itself has been pleasant and opulent and kind, even if the language barrier does get frustrating at times. I wouldn’t mind spending some more time here. I wonder how long that will be.

Music Mondays: I need to breathe

I need to admit this. While rock will always be my favourite music genre, I’ve really found dubstep to be a guilty pleasure over the past few years… OK, sure, this song isn’t really dubstep, but it satisfies the little dubstep desires within me, just enough.

In other news, this post is scheduled, because I’m at Rock Werchter right now! I’m probably leaving the festival site… – I wonder how dirty I am, on a scale of filthy to unbearable. Lovely.

Happy Monday!

{ Alex Clare // Too Close }

PS: the playlist.

Things I Love Thursday

  • Surviving a French oral test
  • National Day in Luxembourg
  • A lovely little outing with my Thai friend
  • Good red wine
  • Gin Fizz
  • Summer in the City in Luxembourg
  • Work work work, as always
  • Utterly heartwarming testimonials of my proofreading services (still need to update my testimonials on my Facebook page)
  • Giant balloons
  • Cuddles
  • Making plans with my besties for when I’m back in Malta in July
  • Meeting a lot of very lovely Maltese people in Luxembourg
  • Getting excited about Rock Werchter (I should be on my way right now…)
  • Katzenjammer! AKA my new favourite band. Also, Balkan is my new favourite genre.
  • Spending a lot of time with old photos… :)
  • My Dad visiting Luxembourg for one of his final work trips

Sunday Photo Mishmash: Slash and Luxembourg-themed cake

It’s been quite a week (and next week is going to be much more manic – we’re off to Rock Werchter!!). We had a lovely Monday afternoon date this week, with the most delicious hot chocolates and delicious Luxembourg-themed cake. (It’s the National Day this Tuesday!)

We also went to a Slash concert this week, and it was SO GOOD. I had so much fun. We also went to a Katzenjammer concert this week, and they are seriously my new favourite band. They’re SO talented, and they play a bunch of different instruments and their songs are a mixture of different genres. So much fun.

Lots of work and French this week. And a veggie lunch (this hazelnut burger is amazing).

Today is a chilled Sunday, with bad weather here in Luxembourg. Let’s hope there’s nice weather in Werchter next week!

Have a lovely Sunday.