Medley of Miscellany

Who’s excited about summer sunsets where everything winds down and food is eaten and lounging around is the only way of life that needs to be subscribed to?

LOVED this post about working as an au pair. I’ve often thought about doing this myself (but then I immediately brush it aside since I’m not really great with children), and this post really gives an insight on the job.

Feminist stock photos.

This is basically a guide to a good life.

5 things to do this weekend.

Another thing you might want to do this weekend: spring clean your wardrobe (in 5 steps).

Have a great, great day.

Things I Love Thursday

  • Self-improvement
  • Exercise! I went to a Pilates class this week and I have concluded that it is my type of thing, exercise-wise. Lots of stretching. I feel terribly sore now, but that means it’s worked! Hopefully I’ll get better at it – since I don’t really have much upper body strength, so any time I had to support my body weight with my hands = disaster.
  • Brian May in concert – brilliance itself
  • Feedly (so in love with my feed reader – even if I still miss Google Reader’s awesome inbuilt search engine)
  • Two of the most beautiful and wonderful German people who visited last week
  • Let’s Do It Malta – I’m so excited about how this group is organising two days of clean-ups on 10 and 11 May (and it all sounds like some fun in the sun)
  • Rabbit
  • Chips
  • Dana McKeon
  • Lovely friends
  • Rather hilarious theatre
  • The Festa Frawli (Strawberry Festival) on Sunday – YUM
  • Compiling another medley (I do love them)
  • Feeling a bit more mature (when compared to a few years ago)
  • Crazy delicious food I had yesterday – it was a sneak preview of some premium chicken and beef products that are going to be available in Malta as from May – the brand is called Olly’s and I’m already aching to have a few friends over so we can feast on some cornflake covered chicken… YUM

Medley of Miscellany

Have I ever spoken about my love of puffin? No, not only in the awwwh-they’re-so-cute-and-beautiful way, but mostly in the oh-my-they’re-the-most-delicious-meat-in-the-world way. I’ve had it a couple of times in Iceland, and mmmmmmmmm – tasty, tasty little things. Favourite meat ever, I’d say.

A great post about the basics of skincare: how to cleanse your face.

Good advice: be ready before you move in together!

The pros and cons of working from home.

Watch this video. I played it over and over about twenty times! Mesmerising.

I love me some ABM, and this post about Changing Dreams is one that touched a place in my little confused heart.

Hope your day is cheerful and full of smiling.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: a week of holidaying

A couple of super-lovely German friends were visiting this week, and I kind of slipped into the holiday mood once again. On Sunday, we went to Gozo for the afternoon and had such a great time – quick sightseeing, a very chilly but very invigorating dip in the sea at Marsalforn, and amazingly delicious food at Odyssey in Marsalforn (shown above). For dessert (not pictured), I had some cassatella which touched the cockles of my SOUL. Yum.

The rest of the week was equally wonderful – we had a picnic with friends on Monday, had a fenkata on Thursday, and spent a lunchtime at Marsaxlokk, among a lot of other things. Lots of fun. I miss them tonnes already.

This week must be the beginning of an 8-week crazy thesis marathon. Yes.

Things I Love Thursday

Aaaaand, we’re back to regular TILT programming this week. The next Guest TILT won’t be for a few weeks, although my friend Jenny has already booked her spot. :)

  • Getting such a lovely rest after the dreaded notarial warrant exams – a trip to Rome with my best friend, so much reading, and lots of sleeping
  • Gelato
  • A beautiful picnic with some of the best people on the planet
  • The sun!
  • Blogging about a little day out back in January
  • A visit from two German friends – so much fun!
  • A trip to Gozo with aforementioned German friends
  • Awesome discussions
  • My cat
  • My boyfriend’s guitar playing
  • My boyfriend, in general
  • A beautiful engagement lunch
  • Annelise, who is awesome