Sunday Photo Mishmash: an English trip

Last week, my two best friends and I went on a trip to England, where we drove around the beautiful Lake District and even snuck in a cheeky visit to Durham (<3333333) and the Metrocentre in Gateshead for some quality time at H&M, Boots and Primark.

We had an absolutely fantastic time, and it was one of the best holidays I had ever been on. Even if we did do the Honister Via Ferrata and I almost died of fear.

As you can tell from the photos, there was a lot of cider drinking, a lot of emotional times in Durham, and a lot of food-consumption.

The best cider in the world at the Swan and Three in Durham.

A well-deserved meal at Wagamama’s at the Metrocentre after a.lot. of shopping. Which might have included sheep and hamster onesies.

Hope you’re all having great Sundays!