Things I Love Thursday

  • An article that’s partly about me in a Luxembourgish newspaper
  • Being totally overwhelmed by work (deadline season!), but recovering nicely very quickly (phew)
  • A WEEKEND IN GOZO with my two wonderful best friends – we ate, we swam in the chilly sea, we spent time on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world (including one of the best slushies I’ve ever had, and the cutest dog that kept running up and greeting us), we had a beautiful hotel room, we went on a fantastic wine-tasting tour at Tal-Massar – it was fantastic
  • A CD my best friend Annelise gave me as a springtime/late-birthday present – it is everything
  • Celebrating Annelise’s birthday – especially with a little Palazzo Parisio visit (complete with prosecco and warm scones)
  • A cheeky film night
  • A game night playing Posthuman
  • Watching a football game where my friend Annelise’s team was playing
  • A hilariously hospitable Turkish kebab experience
  • A midnight screening with friends

Music Mondays: I’d leave it all

This is the perfect morning-shower song. Long enough for a nice shower, short enough to keep the shower from going on too long (save water, people!). I was first introduced to this song last year, during a Pilates class, and I’ve loved it ever since.

I’m still in Malta right now, loving the weather and being around my beautiful friends. Work is still as hectic as ever, but particularly satisfying (deadline season!).

If you’re in Luxembourg, check out the Lëtzebuerger Journal today – there’s an interview with me, as a Maltese expat!

{ George Ezra // Budapest }

PS: the Music Mondays playlist.

Things I Love Thursday

  • Being in Malta! The best country in the world, duh.
  • Having so much support and so many kind people in my life
  • My new (ridiculous) phone cover
  • My cousins’ tiny new baby
  • Being absolutely pelted with proofreading work (I’m going to choose to identify it as something to be grateful for!)
  • New adventures
  • Seeing old friends
  • Spending time with my two best friends (IRL) again <3
  • Doing a fun run/walk
  • Delicious Indian food
  • The SUNSHINE of Malta

Music Mondays: Heaven can wait

This song is everything. An excellent morning-shower song, although you do need to be careful of slipping and breaking your neck while rocking out to it… I am SO EXCITED about seeing this band at Rock Werchter in a few months’ time.

I’m currently in Malta, and loving the sunshine and the beautiful endless sea, and all my beautiful friends and family! It’s wonderful to know that they’re all so close, in the grand scheme of things. :)

Hope everyone is having an excellent Monday, even after such a disappointing Sunday for Malta.

{ Foo Fighters // Long Road to Ruin }

PS: the Music Mondays playlist.

Things I Love Thursday

  • Alghero! Sardinia was a fantastic choice for a long-weekend Easter getaway, and I even chose to completely unplug during the holiday. It was so lovely to spend time with my wonderful boyfriend and eat (They have SUCH amazing food in Sardinia! Who knew??)
  • Photography
  • Whatsapp calls
  • Being well taken care of by my boyfriend while sick (it really makes you realise that you’re in a foreign country, mostly alone, and so far away from a support system!)
  • Chocolate
  • Finishing large proofreading projects and doing bits of others after a long break from it
  • Meeting delightful new people
  • Being able to work from my bed when required
  • Pop-up tissues
  • More Indian food discoveries in Bonnevoie (L’Orchidée, this time)

Things I Love Thursday

  • Going on holiday! Today, my boyfriend and I are off to Alghero in Sardinia in Italy. I can’t wait for a long weekend of sun, sea, and Easter shenanigans.
  • My wonderful new friend, Valentina – I visited her beautiful home on Tuesday (in the centre of Luxembourg), and I had such a lovely time – it’s so great to find such a lovely, kind new friend :)
  • So much proofreading work! This week has been on OVERDRIVE, but I’ve been absolutely loving it, and now I get to go on holiday and fully unplug (yes, I’m leaving my laptop and my phone in Luxembourg – I wonder whether I’m going to survive).
  • Fresh pastries
  • Pasta with delicious sauces
  • The smell of a freshly-baked cake wafting through the apartment
  • Receiving a surprise birthday present (including a Clinique chubby stick!!) – thanks, Valentina :)
  • Being interviewed by the Lëtzebuerger Journal (a Luxembourgish newspaper) as a Maltese expat
  • The Luxembourgish countryside – so beautiful