Things I Love Thursday

  • Getting my final Doctor of Laws course result today (another A!) – I’m officially graduating Doctor of Laws in November (cannot cannot cannot wait for my official thesis result though)
  • Trumpets
  • Buying a beautiful perfume for myself to celebrate ALL THE THINGS
  • Being congratulated so much for all the wonderful things that have come to fruition this past month
  • Work work work – loving it to bits
  • Trumpets
  • Treats from Italy <3
  • Ralph, the fish
  • Lauren Aquilina
  • Delightful people
  • Cocktails and fun
  • “Lawyered”

Sunday Photo Mishmash: thesis viva + warrant ceremony

Hi everyone! It’s been a HUGE week for me. On Monday, I had my Doctor of Laws thesis viva (oral / defence) and it was insane and went on forever, but I am so proud of my thesis that I might burst. I actually did burst, because the photo (above) was taken after I had been crying my absolute eyes out for over an hour. It was such an overwhelming afternoon, and I celebrated with a whole slew of cocktails and delicious food. *contented sigh*

THEN, on Tuesday, I was (finally) awarded the notarial warrant – and I kind of feel EXHAUSTED when I look at the warrant – it took to get it, and I feel like I 100% deserve that piece of paper. And that’s me being exceedingly humble. Seriously.

I take the oath tomorrow. The path towards becoming a legal professional never. ends.

Things I Love Thursday

  • Getting my notarial warrant – I still can’t officially work (my name has to be published on the Malta Government Gazette, and I still need to take the oath on Monday, plus give the Attorney General my specimen signature – it’s a LONG process), but things are finally moving forward
  • My thesis viva – I can’t really believe that it happened (all 80 minutes of it), but I’m so so so proud of my little research project
  • Shakespeare – he wrote some good stuff, believe it or not
  • Writing about a beautiful experience at a winery – yum
  • Some pretty awesome people in my life, old and new!
  • Celebrating after my thesis viva – so many cocktails, drinks, and lots of great food
  • This crazy-amazing drink that my awesome friend Nathan makes – it’s basically like melted nocciola ice cream. YUM.
  • The beautiful, beautiful sea on a sunny day – so refreshing
  • A Daddy-daughter lunch date
  • Surviving a blood test really well (for once)
  • Kelp

Delectable wine at Tal-Massar (Gozo)

Tal-Massar July 2014

This is just a quick post to talk about a really wonderful collection of wines that I discovered on a trip to Gozo a couple of weekends ago. My boyfriend had written an article about this Gozitan winery called Tal-Massar, and we popped over to the vineyards in Għarb for a wine-tasting session. The weather was glorious, and the setting was just perfect.

After a short informal presentation about the process of wine-making, the wine-tasting “proper” started, with plenty of more information being provided. The lovely couple (who are sweetness itself) also gave us plenty of incredibly tasty nibbles to accompany the wine – including delicious homemade sundried tomato paste on bread, and the creamiest ġbejniet ever.

The highlight of the afternoon was certainly the wine – they have four absolutely beautiful wines (a white, a rosé, and two reds – one red is a really “deep” port-like wine). I’m clearly not very good at the descriptions of wine – but let’s just say that I thoroughly enjoyed them and have consumed copious amounts (both on the day of the wine-tasting, and on many of the following days).

I’d highly recommend a visit to the Tal-Massar vineyards next time you’re in Gozo (especially if you’re there with foreign friends), and you’ll leave full of wine and tranquillity. And while you’re still in Malta, head over to Farsons Direct for a couple of bottles of these delicious wines. Mmm.

(PS: this is not an advert, and I paid for the wine-tasting session – I was just really impressed by these wines. SO GOOD.)

Music Mondays: In the violent moonlight

I’ve got my Doctor of Laws thesis viva today, and I really need beautiful songs like this one to help me centre myself and calm down while I’m preparing for The Horror that is this oral. So much terror. I’m ever so proud of my thesis, but I’m a little terrified about potentially being “attacked” about it. We’ll just have to see what happens…

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