Things I Love Thursday

Things I Love Thursday

  • Having one of the best weekends in a long time
  • Celebrating my wonderful boyfriend’s birthday
  • Actually celebrating St Valentine’s Day (aaaaall the wine and food)
  • Doing some “different” proofreading jobs (websites! job applications! legal text!) and absolutely adoring it
  • Finding a giant box outside my apartment’s door on Friday with half a dozen red roses, two teddy bear soft-toys, and a big red vase (from my parents)
  • Writing about my trip to Vapiano a couple of weeks ago
  • The Moselle
  • Fancy three-course meals
  • Staying out past 10pm (for once) and going to a fantastic venue for a great gig
  • Clementines

Cooking at Vapiano in Luxembourg

crema di fragole vapiano 2

crema di fragole vapiano 1vapiano capPardon my double-triple-multiple-chins in the photo where I’m trying to assemble a delightful Crema di Fragola dessert (it thankfully turned out to be super delicious). Also please pardon the wide-eyed terrified look in the photo where I had put on a chef’s cap (thankfully the pizza I prepared soon thereafter was also tasty).

These photos are from a lovely event that the Vapiano restaurant chain organised for some bloggers in Luxembourg a couple of weeks ago. I’m so pleased that I ended up going – it was a really relaxed evening with yummy food, pleasant company, and even a little bit of pampering involved.

Vapiano is a chain of restaurants (there over 120!!) that makes fresh Italian food – pizza, pasta, salads, etc – and you can even see the food being made. I had never visited a Vapiano restaurant before this event, and it was all a very pleasant surprise. The décor is relaxing, with long wooden tables and little herb plants on every table. I loved it.

We had the opportunity to make our own pizza (I learned how to really “work” the dough – it was fantastic), and desserts (as seen above), and even cocktails (strawberry mojitos!).


The evening when we went to the Vapiano restaurant (next to the train station) was a “Ladies’ Night”, which involved the possibility of getting our hair done by some lovely professional hairdressers. I ended up going with a chignon – and it looked (and made me feel) absolutely fabulous.

hair at Vapiano

The evening kept getting better till the last second – we were sent home with a delightful goodie bag (I LIVE FOR GOODIE BAGS) with a rosemary plant (which I haven’t killed yet!) and a beautiful thick Vapiano apron.

It was such a wonderful evening, and the best part was that I met some truly beautiful and lovely women from all around the world. Can’t wait to go back for some delicious pasta and cocktails.

(I’m sorry the photos aren’t very good quality – I only had my phone’s camera that evening (I had totally forgotten my DSLR at home, ugh.).)

Sunday Photo Mishmash: a fabulous weekend


It’s been an amazing few days. On Friday, my boyfriend and I inadvertently “celebrated” Valentine’s Day and I went over to the restaurant (so fancy) at his place of work – he treated me to a very lovely three-course meal, with wine and everything. Later that day, we went to a gig (Lydia Ainsworth) and met the sweetest, most hilarious and lovable barman ever.

Saturday was The Big Day: Dave’s birthday! The day exceeded all my expectations – I lit 28 candles on Dave’s birthday brownie, we managed to catch a bus to the most adorable wine-making village by the Moselle river (Ahn), and had a ridiculously delicious and long (2.5+ hours) meal at a very fancy restaurant. It was so, so glorious. Then in the evening we went for a stroll around Luxembourg City centre and had a relaxed evening in (we started watching Twin Peaks too).

It almost felt like it was my birthday. It’s been one of the finest weekends ever. Hope everyone is having an equally wonderful few days.

Things I Love Thursday

  • Finally registering myself for French lessons. I start in a couple of weeks, and I’m going to try and soak up as much Frenchness as possible.
  • Helping friends
  • Proofreading dissertations from weird and wonderful (to me, at least) fields (nursing! anthropology! information policy and governance!). My favourite by-product of proofreading is that I get to learn about so many exciting things.
  • IKEA. We planned to spend 3 hours there on Saturday. We ended up spending ELEVEN HOURS. It was madness. BUT we bought a bunch of stuff (including a bed, headboard, desks, office chairs, a chest of drawers, a sofa, etc etc etccccccc). Now, to finish assembling everything…
  • The amazing assistance of a friend in Luxembourg who helped my boyfriend carry all our IKEA purchases up two flights of stairs to our apartment, because I woke up too sick on Sunday to be of any help
  • Finally getting over being sick. It’s amazing… you feel sick and groggy and awful, and then from one hour to the next you see a tangible difference and you feel ON TOP OF THE WORLD with health.
  • A Narcissus plant from IKEA
  • Agreeing to get a king-sized bed – it’s SO amazing to have a giant bed to sleep in
  • A Skype call with my two besties – gossip and giggles aplenty