Things I Love Thursday

  • Watching a film on my own (I lie, I was accompanied by a glorious Kinder Bueno…)
  • Watching Unforgotten – SO GOOD, WATCH IT. (Thanks to the ever-wonderful AnnaMaria for her most excellent recommendation.)
  • Compiling a Christmas wishlist
  • Warm bread and butter
  • English literature
  • WhatsApp
  • Frequent calls to my number one London dweller (Annelise)
  • Workworkworkwork
  • CHRISTMAS MARKETS IN LUXEMBOURG – all the mulled wine, snow, and warm fuzzy feelings. All of them.
  • Wholesome Indian food with a lovely friend
  • Sending birthday cards
  • Writing a post with a bunch of photos from the past month or two
  • A fancy lunch at my boyfriend’s workplace
  • Did I mention the mulled wine?
  • Egg nog (I could drink buckets of the stuff) (it’s non-alcoholic)
  • Understanding a little more than usual during French classes
  • Writing about a course for newcomers to Luxembourg

Christmas Wishlist 2015

Christmas Wishlist 2015


Christmas is about a month away! Very exciting, particularly because I’m fully engaging in the “going-home-for-Christmas” process, since I’m flying over to Malta from Luxembourg for a few weeks (including a little jaunt up to Rome for a few days too!). My heart warms up at the thought of seeing so many friends and family members at Christmastime.

And then there are the present exchanges! Who’s excited? I am. Here are some items on my Christmas wishlist this year:

  1. Books, books, books, books. They’re always a Number 1 excellent gift for me. Some beautiful ones I’d love to receive this year include Hold Your Own by Kate Tempest, a beautiful edition of Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud MontgomeryBad Feminist by Roxane GayHalf of a Yellow Sun by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, and Swimming Lessons and Other Stories by Rohinton Mistry.
  2. A Daniel Wellington watch. Yes, this watch. I can’t decide whether I’d prefer the regular big one (with the beautiful minute markings) or else the smaller one (pictured), which would fit my wrist much better. Hmmm.
  3. A Feminism-related T-shirt for working out. My wonderful friend Anke bought me a “Feminist as Fuck” T-shirt for Christmas last year and I have worn it SO MUCH. I wear it almost every time I work out, and I practically live in it when I go to music festivals. I need more. MOOOOORE. Some of my favourites (not all SFW): “Females are strong as hell”. “Girls just wanna have fundamental human rights”. “Angry Liberal Feminist Killjoy”. “I don’t only have glitter in my veins”. “Feminist as Fuck”. (Again, of course.) (Or this one.)
  4. A Chicwish midi skirt. OH MY DEAR GOD. These are so beautiful! I want one I want one I want one so much. But I haven’t clicked ‘Order’ yet because I can’t justify spending my dwindling financial resources on a skirt which I don’t reeeeally need. But ARGH. So beautiful! This is my favourite one, but it seems to be sold out. The ones in the collage above are also gorgeous.
  5. NUTTY unicorn slippers from ASOS. My lovely friend Maxine gave me a perfect pair of slippers for my birthday a few years ago. And I seem to have worn them every single day since. And now they are getting a little… tattered. Too much love. SO. I clearly need some unicorn slippers to replace them. Yes. Although they seem to be sold out, which makes me ever so sad.

I could also (as always) use more mascara, a new portable (fun) umbrella, a clip-on hard plastic case for my MacBook Air (13″), a list of countries poster, my friends’ awesome game, and chocolate. Mmm, chocolate. (And wine.)

Have a great Christmastime! Someone pass the mince pies.

Music Mondays: I’ll love you long after you’re gone

The start of another week! I’m feeling quite good about this one. I have a few exciting plans, but some others are still up in the air (considering the lockdowns being put in place in our part of the world), and I have a lot of juicy work to get done.

This song is nice and uplifting for a Monday morning. My boyfriend also just gave me a belated anniversary present in the form of a beautiful, beautiful book. It’s so splendid.

Have a glass of juice, and let’s get this week GOING.

Happy Monday!

{ Phillip Phillips // Gone Gone Gone }

(The playlist.)

Sunday Photo Mishmash: a round-up of the past months

I haven’t put up a Sunday Photo Mishmash post in what feels like aeons. Here’s a round-up of a bunch of my pictures from the past few months.

Above, that’s me at a LUSH bloggers’ party at LUSH Luxembourg. I won the grand prize of the day – a giant 12 Days of Christmas gift pack! IT’S BEYOND AMAZING. I’m still not fully over the gleeful surprise. It’s glorious.

Below – it’s clearly been a season of wins – NUX spreads had a little competition for the best suggestion of a name for their new macadamia spread, and I won a generous package of nut spreads! My suggestion was Macadamia Mania. ;) It’s also super delicious, although my favourite will always be the wonderful, velvety cashew dream…

Autumn was beautiful and super vibrant here in Luxembourg. I adored it. This was me while walking towards a bus stop after giving an English lesson. (Ecco boots and Primark Super Cosy purple tights.)

I’ve travelled a lot over the past few weeks – including a crazy 16-hour layover in London, where I spent a night and a morning with my bestie (it was fantastic. We went to the Breakfast Club. And then to Tiger. Oh yes.). This is us in Canary Wharf.

Giant pancakes with bacon and maple syrup at the Breakfast Club:

And then I spent a nice long time in Malta (AKA the best place in the world). My boyfriend and I popped over to Gozo one afternoon. We found San Blas Bay, we had some ftajjar from Maxokk, it was AMAZING.

This is Għar Qawqla in Marsalforn that same day. LOOK AT THAT PURPLE COTTON CANDY SKY. My eyes tear up at the utter beauty.

We went to the Pub for a Halloween Party while we were in Malta, with all our friends. It was such a fun night, and my costume was Awesome.

I once had an hour to kill in Malta, with no other plans. So I grabbed my book and drove to Dingli Cliffs, where I sat and admired the breathtaking view. I hadn’t been there in ages. Ridiculously beautiful.

And my final photo for this mishmash: duck and waffle (and that VIEW) at Duck & Waffle in London. I’ve been meaning to head to this restaurant on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower for some delicious food for ages. And I finally managed to book a table for me and Annelise (aforementioned and pictured bestie in a photo further up), right by the window! It was fantastic, although the lift-ride back down was a little too… quick for my digestive system. But otherwise, delicious, special stuff. And the Head Chef tweeted at me after I tweeted the picture below! Whee!

Phew, quite a chunky mishmash! Hope you enjoyed it. Although it could be easily summarised as: Claire gushes about Malta and its beauty, and there’s also a little about LUSH and lots of food.

Happy Sunday!

A Course for Newcomers in Luxembourg


When I arrived in Luxembourg, I wrote a blog post about my very first impressions. I can’t believe it will soon be a whole entire year since I wrote that post! Still a little over a month to go, though. :)

A lovely woman who lives in Luxembourg had read that blog post and sent me a sweet email to welcome me to Luxembourg (and gave me a bunch of hugely useful tips!) – one of her suggestions had been to attend a course that was specifically tailored for newcomers to Luxembourg. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend that course, because there weren’t any new courses being held, but the woman who takes care of these courses just emailed me to say that there are new ones that are about to be held, and I thought it would be helpful to spread the word.

These courses are free to attend (and include lunch!), and the length of time you’ve been in Luxembourg is not a restriction. Unfortunately, these courses are currently only available to non-EU nationals, but I’m hoping that some people who fall under that category will come across this and apply.

The first course will be on December 5th. It will also eventually be offered in Portuguese. Check out further details on their website. Happy relocating!

Things I Love Thursday

  • Blogging again (and TILTs being back!)
  • So many things that have happened since my last TILT over a month ago
  • Malta!
  • London!
  • My best friend Annie!
  • My best friend Anna!
  • Cheese. So much cheese.
  • West End theatre (always a good idea)
  • Travelling alone (I’ve been liking it, surprisingly – mostly because I just buckle down and get a bunch of work done)
  • Having so many things backed-up
  • Hanging out with the sweetest friends in Luxembourg
  • Welcoming some visitors to Luxembourg from Malta
  • Panzerotti
  • Giving English lessons
  • Fat cats
  • Swimming
  • Cherry wine
  • Hosting Friendsgiving again
  • Eating out at so many amazing places in London
  • Moonlit adventures
  • Visiting my cousins’ beautiful baby girl
  • Seeing my half-English cousin after 4 whole years
  • Driving (safely) along the south of England
  • Being busy with work and (potentially) exciting things

My Favourite Feelings (Anna’s)

When I first started this Favourite Feelings series, I think my best friend Anna was the first to be excited and to ask to contribute. Once she sent her own list of some of her favourite feelings (below), she said: “That was so much fun. I ended up adding a few and now I want to keep adding to the list forever.” This tends to happen with everyone, and I’m so excited to keep publishing more of my readers’ little (and not-so-little) lists of favourite feelings.

Anna is a kick-ass lawyer, my own personal cheerleader, my hero, always a WhatsApp message or an email away, and the best present-wrapper and card-writer I know. Here are some of her favourite feelings:

  1. Knowing that friends and family, no matter where in the world they are, are an email, call or message away
  2. Taking control
  3. Feeling proud of myself
  4. Being in good company, with food, wine and no commitments the following morning
  5. Overtaking slow drivers hogging the fast lane
  6. Receiving snail mail
  7. Being on time
  8. Suddenly recalling a happy memory
  9. Kicking off my shoes at the end of a long day/night
  10. The excitement of planning trips
  11. Anticipating the luxury of binge reading/watching for a few hours
  12. The satisfaction of a good day’s work, or a job well done, or a little win
  13. Letting go, moving on and being happier for it
  14. Accepting comfort and help, sometimes
  15. Feeling happy, safe and, especially (as he knows), warm in my boyfriend’s arms
  16. Being welcomed home by my pets
  17. Loving and being loved in return

Please send over your own favourite feelings to

Music Mondays: I will love in this life until I finally have to go

My blog seems to be back! Perhaps! We’ll see!

What a horrid weekend that was. The terrorist attacks in Paris felt so close, and everything is very unsettled.

And after a few weeks in London and in Malta, my life back in Luxembourg definitely hasn’t settled yet. My luggage is still strewn about our apartment. Heaps of washing still needs to be done. My to-do list (the urgent one) is dangerously long.

But today is a new day and a new week. LET’S DO THIS.

{ Run River North // Growing Up }

(The playlist.)

Things I Love Thursday

  • My blog being back up (barely, but it’s up) – still need to sort out a tonne of stuff :(
  • My parents visited me in Luxembourg for a week and we did lots of travelling (Metz in France! Trier in Germany! Clervaux in Luxembourg!) and eating
  • Soundcloud
  • Early-harvest wine
  • The best emails from best friends
  • The English class I’m taking at the University of Luxembourg – I’m so happily nerdy
  • Trains
  • Long emails from people back home (and around the world) <3
  • Chillaxing at home in a onesie (yes, it’s that cold, already)
  • Sephora
  • New endeavours

Things I Love Thursday

  • I started following one of the seminar courses for the English Studies undergraduate degree at the University of Luxembourg last week (as a guest student – anyone can apply) and I am in love. I am a good 8 years older than everyone else in the class (who proceed to speak Luxembourgish as soon as the seminar is over) but I’m simply adoring the whole experience (I get to catch a train to the campus, the lecture room walls are painted with whiteboard paint(!!!!!!), and the lecturer’s Power Point presentations are the best ever).
  • My friend Valentina’s TILT posts
  • The best messages from friends back in Malta (“;”)
  • (watching the season premiere of Grey’s Anatomy with my bestie while she’s in London and I’m in Luxembourg and seeing each other’s reactions in real time = dreams coming true)
  • Frankenstein
  • I started that 30-day shred fitness challenge thing this week. I am in so much pain. But I also seem to have a modicum of upper-body strength now already (whereas before, I was just a weakling). A great workout.
  • Trains
  • Repeat proofreading clients with the best theses
  • Sunday brunch with lovely Maltese people at a shop that imports English and American things (I BOUGHT SO MUCH CIDER AND CHEDDAR AND POP TARTS)
  • Seeing SO MANY good concerts this past week: Steven Wilson, Sóley, Sufjan Stevens, Summer Heart, Thomas Dybdahl, etc. <3
  • Dancing
  • Starting French lessons again and getting a super teacher (my spoken French is going to improve soooooo much)
  • Watching a good film (Youth)
  • Buying fresh flowers from the market