Things I Love Thursday

  • My new office – I’m beside myself with glee at having finally settled on a beautiful space where I have my things and where I work. And I have fresh flowers on my desk, so it’s basically heaven.
  • Talking of work, the proofreading has been especially delightful this week. It’s sometimes an extra challenge when text is already well-written and practically error-free, but it’s practically extra satisfying to help these people who clearly care so much about their work, to help make their work just that little bit closer to perfect.
  • Making a chicken and mushroom pie and having it turn out really well, even though it took aaaaaages to make, and we practically ate the whole thing in one sitting
  • Making a smoothie and actually liking it
  • MY COUSINS HAVING A BABY GIRL – I am so pleased and proud of them <3 Can’t wait to meet the little one in April!
  • Melted chocolate

Music Mondays: I raised myself

A bit of a melancholic song for this week’s Music Monday. After a weekend that was spent doing a lot of lounging about, this Monday is all about doing a million little things that have gathered onto my to-do list, and just should get done ASAP. Also, I need to get a bunch of proofreading work done (I seem to be attracting several academic documents about diabetes lately…).

{ Hozier // In The Woods Somewhere }

PS: Hear the Music Mondays playlist here.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: MY BIRTHDAY (and Pretzel Sunday)

It was my 26th birthday this week, but first, it was Pretzel Sunday (or Bretzelsonndeg) – where David went out and bought me a giant pretzel cake of sugary almond-y heaven. Yum.

As already discussed, my birthday was Fantastic this year, and my boyfriend surprised me with several excellent gifts, including the leather jacket I’ve been wanting for weeks (and have needed for years…), a beautiful book (which I’ve already read – it’s EXQUISITE) and train tickets to Metz, a gorgeous city in France.

My boyfriend popped over to the boulangerie around the corner for some tasty breakfast, while I got ready.

We headed towards Metz (while marvelling at the beautiful river in Thionville) and had the most spectacular day of sightseeing and walking and enjoying the architecture and All.The.Things. We had lunch at a super-fancy restaurant (where they SPRINT towards your chair after you’ve been to the bathroom so that they can open it out for you. Ridic.) which has a Michelin Star. Oh yeah. Treat.Yo.Self.

It was an excellent day. And then, when we got home, I found a giant bouquet of beautiful flowers from my parents, which have been brightening up my life ever since.

I’m already super-excited about celebrating my birthday again (a little belatedly) in Malta in a few weeks’ time. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday – don’t forget to recharge!

Things I Love Thursday

  • My birthday! IT WAS SO GOOD. Best birthday… possibly ever? I did hugely miss my friends and family back in Malta, but it was a fantastic day – my boyfriend outdid himself with the awesomeness. He surprised me with train tickets to Metz (France) and we spent a day there, where he treated me to lunch at a restaurant (that has a Michelin star!!) and a visit to the Centre Pompidou, all while I pranced around with the jacket he bought me and while reading the awesome book he gave me.
  • My wonderful friends and family who send me such beautiful gifts and messages (every day, but especially on my birthday)
  • Our new mattress – I’ve never slept on such a comfortable surface. It’s magic.
  • Riding a bike around Luxembourg for the first time and totally surviving (even if I had a tiny anxiety attack during the first few minutes)
  • Proofreading such wonderful work where so much effort has been put in – it’s the most satisfying thing ever to help perfect work which is already stellar in its content
  • Discovering delicious restaurants in our neighbourhood
  • (Extensively) reviewing the Luxembourg City Film Festival – there are some great films to check out
  • Realising that I’m actually learning French (bit by bit)
  • Going to a job fair, which turned out to be a really cool experience
  • New bits from IKEA
  • Getting so much appreciation from readers of my blog about my Things I Love Thursday posts – they’re (clearly) my favourite to compile, and I love that it injects a little bit of sunshine into other people’s day too!

The Luxembourg City Film Festival: Reviewed

Cinema is quickly becoming one of my most favourite media. Yes, I read a lot of books, and I watch a lot of TV shows and a lot of YouTube channels, but films have slowly started to increasingly interest me as a story form. A whole idea, style and story are bundled up into 1.5-3 hours, and they’re (usually) presented as a feast for all the senses.

Within the first 24 hours of moving to Luxembourg, I visited one of the cinemas in the city, and watched a film (in English!). It was delightfully calming to be in a dark room, in this strange foreign country, watching a film – I could have been anywhere, and that thought was very soothing. Then, between 26 February and 8 March, the city hosted the Luxembourg City Film Festival, and my boyfriend and I purchased two festival passes (a steal at 20EUR each), and watched a total of 14 (FOURTEEN) films during the entire festival. It was possibly quite the overdose of films, but overall great fun. I was quite surprised by the final awards (although I only saw two of the films that won an award), but I thought I’d give you a quick review of my thoughts regarding the entire festival, as well as each of the films I watched.

Best cinema: I watched films at both the Cinémathèque and Ciné Utopia, but the latter will always be my favourite (even if the former does have quite a bit of its own charm).

Best snacks: I still can’t understand how some cinemas don’t have popcorn (it’s probably that darn Americanisation my mind has absorbed over the years…), but it was glorious to munch on a giant pretzel at the Cinémathèque, and a pomegranate and cranberry soft drink or a white chocolate milk shake and a hot quiche at Ciné Utopia. One of the most upsetting moments of the festival for me was probably when the person at the snacks station at Ciné Utopia looked at me pleadingly when I asked her for a white chocolate milkshake, and then suggesting that I don’t order it, clearly because she didn’t feel like making one. It broke my little heart. Then, later on, my boyfriend managed to get TWO white chocolate milkshakes (from the other person at the snacks station) – so that was a mini-victory right there.

Female protagonists: EVERYWHERE. I loved this. I’m having a real “moment” with female protagonists lately, especially in my books, TV shows, and films, so this recurring feature was very pleasing to me.

Read more about the films I watched below:

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Music Mondays: come take me

A soothing song by a Maltese band to help us make this Monday productive and be of worth. Our new mattress arrived this morning (it’s massive) and we’ve decided to switch up the rooms in our apartment, so that my office/our living area is shifting to the room next to the kitchen. So there’s some spring-cleaning in our imminent future. And on Wednesday it’s my birthday(!!) – so much excitement.

{ Jane Doe // GoldRush }

PS: Check out the Music Mondays playlist.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: an amazing food week, and Postmodern Jukebox

It’s been a week full of great food. On Sunday, we visited my new favourite restaurant in Luxembourg, and I was treated to a complimentary glass of champagne due to it being Women’s Day. I then had the most delicious steak tartare, and the meal ended with a heavenly chocolate fondant.

We went to a fancy burger place this week too, where I had an egg in my burger (and crispy onions… mmmm).

We saw Postmodern Jukebox this week – they were spectacular.

Portuguese paella!

Yesterday we spent another Saturday at IKEA, but now we’re inching closer to having a “real home”. And I have enough candles to last a lifetime (or at least a couple of months). Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! I’m excited about having booked flights back home to Malta for April, and we’re going to see a band called The Subways tonight.