Sunday Photo Mishmash: an English trip

Last week, my two best friends and I went on a trip to England, where we drove around the beautiful Lake District and even snuck in a cheeky visit to Durham (<3333333) and the Metrocentre in Gateshead for some quality time at H&M, Boots and Primark.

We had an absolutely fantastic time, and it was one of the best holidays I had ever been on. Even if we did do the Honister Via Ferrata and I almost died of fear.

As you can tell from the photos, there was a lot of cider drinking, a lot of emotional times in Durham, and a lot of food-consumption.

The best cider in the world at the Swan and Three in Durham.

A well-deserved meal at Wagamama’s at the Metrocentre after a.lot. of shopping. Which might have included sheep and hamster onesies.

Hope you’re all having great Sundays!

Sunday Photo Mishmash: Weddings? I love weddings!

Weekends lately have been chock-full of beautiful weddings. I’ve been to two this week, and they’ve both been mostly spent with my Chief Bestie, Annelise. We’ve had a fantastic time, even if we did miss the Gozo ferry last night and had to delay our departure back home for 2 hours and only got back home at 4.30am…

And tonight, I’m off for a super-duper-special wedding, in which my beloved boyfriend is a Best Man! Much excitement.

Have a great Sunday!

Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (Nathan)

Things I Love Thursday Guest TILT

After Maxine’s wonderful Guest TILT last week, it was only fitting that her lovely husband, Nathan, had his go this week. Nathan is one of my most lovable + cleverest + sweetest friends; ever-ready with the best comebacks you’ll ever hear. He also has the softest hair. I love him to bits. AND JUST LOOK AT HIS CUTE KITTIES. Read on for a fantastic TILT:

  • Lads nights and the QMMM cup
  • Boardgames. I friggin love boardgames. (#diplomacy)
  • That first gin at the end of a long shift
  • My kindle
  • Feel good music that makes me dance when no one is looking
  • Compiling the soundtrack of my life. Spotify for life.
  • Imminent Pub takeover. Fear has slowly morphed into excitement. With a hint of fear.
  • All the sushi.
  • Lunch with my brother and his business partner Joe after an exciting rebrand meeting with John Wilson!
  • Riding a motorbike. Wonderful.
  • Any time spent with my wife Max. Her being away for a few days made me realise how painfully I miss her and eagerly await her return.
  • Being given the opportunity to write a TILT which made me realise that, in the greater scheme of things, life is pretty damn good
  • But most of all. My kitties! Rupert and Gorg (pictured) who love each other and us uncondtionally!