Things I Love Thursday

  • I made my friend Anna a wonderful carrot cake this week – it was a truly massive success, and I’m already looking forward to make it again some time in the near future (+ I made it to be gluten, wheat and cow’s milk free!)
  • #GirlBoss – it’s such a cool book so far
  • A fun brunch
  • My friend Annie, who let’s me nibble (i.e. eat about half of) her kebab wrap at midnight on Saturday nights
  • NAPS.
  • Going on a little quest and succeeding
  • Sprouts
  • Seeing a few of my beautiful English relatives

Medley of Miscellany

Pasta is the best comfort food. And I often feel the need for a lot of comforting.

“My brain has too many tabs open”

Oh my: special wrapping paper which is hugely exciting.

What’s left when depression clears.

The balance between coffee/whiskey in life.

This background noise generator was INSTRUMENTAL during my thesis-writing process (and while proofreading).

Hope you’re having a lovely week.

Things I Love Thursday

(A little late, eek!)

  • The second half of Shutdown week
  • Two lovely evenings out, watching the fireworks + eating delicious food
  • The office fish, Ralph, surviving its one-month-iversary
  • Compiling another medley (one of my favourites!)
  • Seeing one of my top favourite people in the world every day at work
  • A beautiful dress a colleague passed on to me because it’s become way too big for her – it’s seriously the perfect picnic dress, and I can’t wait to wear it
  • A double date with two absolutely lovely people
  • Cheese
  • An amazing surprise delivery of some Haagen Dazs ice-cream (the Pralines & Cream flavour is divine intervention itself – and I’m not even an ice-cream lover, usually)
  • Sleep and rest
  • A crazy amount of proofreading

Medley of Miscellany

I would like to do all these things right now. Some of them, simultaneously.

Some thoughts on Saturdays which really resonate with me, especially since I’ve started working in a more ‘traditional’ manner, for the first time ever.

If/when I get married, I should TOTALLY get a Restaurant Registry. Hell, I’m just getting one regardless of ANYTHING.

(Highly) efficient tomato slicing.

How long it would take you to watch certain TV shows (possibly slightly outdated, but only slightly).

A beautiful list that describes Malta (more specifically: returning to Malta after being away in another country for a while).

Have a great day.