September 2014 Favourites <3

September 2014 Favourites

September was such a busy (often stressful) month. However – it’s been sprinkled with some fantastic downtime and (really fun) proofreading jobs. October is going to be INSANELY GOOD, I can feel it.

Some favourites from the month of September:

  • The new McEwan book (The Children Act) – I was so excited about this book, that I bought it twice! I pre-ordered it months ago from The Book Depository, but when I saw it at a bookshop and hadn’t received it in the mail yet (and wouldn’t for over 5 days…), I had to buy it. It’s not my favourite McEwan, but it was bloody brilliant. When’s his next one out? #favouriteauthor
  • Planning for a Lake District trip with my two best friends – I AM SO EXCITED. WE ARE SO EXCITED. EVERYONE SHOULD BE EXCITED.
  • New glasses! – I’ve been needing to wear glasses more often lately, and I definitely needed new ones (the ones I had been using had been bought when I was about 15 years old…) These are quirky and gorgeous.
  • Bumble and Bumble Prêt-à-Powder – this is a dry shampoo and “style extender”. It’s very luxurious (but pricey). It really works though.
  • Bumble and Bumble thickening full form mousse – I’m definitely a mousse girl when it comes to hair products. My hair routine is simply: shampoo, condition/treatment, mousse, oil (optional). This mousse isn’t the usual “type” of mousse that I usually enjoy (i.e. defined curls), but it really gives my hair a thick, volumised look, and definitely feels like the expensive product it is (thankfully).

Other favourites:

Hope your September has been equally happifying. Let’s enjoy October to the fullest. Can I use the C word? Because I’m excited.


Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (Maxine)

It’s time for another Guest TILT! Today, I’m very pleased to present a (massive) list of things that my wonderful friend Maxine has loved this week. Max is one of the loveliest, jolliest + kindest people I know, and she’s also an excellent baker/cook, and really knows how to get.things.done.well. Just look at this absolutely stellar TILT:

  • New seasons of some of my favourite TV shows
  • ­Getting to know an awesome set of colleagues at my new job
  • ­Healthy, happy additions to the family
  • The first rain storm of September…
  • ­…and that means POMEGRANATES!
  • ­Boardgames for two
  • ­Unexpected evenings in
  • ­Starting to dress just a little bit more like a grown up
  • ­Laser tag!
  • ­Getting to pick my own silly name for laser tag (FEAR THE MAXINATOR)
  • ­Spending time with my uncontrollably adorable nephew
  • ­Waking up to find a kitty sharing my pillow
  • Planning hypothetical holidays
  • Researching family history
  • ­Bantering with patrons at The Pub (shameless plug: visit The Pub)
  • The (heavily obstructed) view of Valletta from my desk
  • ­Valletta by night.
  • ­Bonding time with my mum!
  • ­Swapping stressful morning drives to work for a bus ride with my book
  • ­The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch
  • ­The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ soundtrack
  • ­Music playlists by Jenny <3 who should give up this tawdry life and just go work for Spotify
  • ­Going to the cinema with my favourite people and eating their nachos
  • ­So much sushi
  • ­Even more sushi
  • ­Basically enough sushi that I personally cause a worldwide rice shortage
  • Srirachaaaaaa (available at the Asian Food Store in Gżira)
  • ­Cheesy 80s hair metal… and having someone to shamelessly air guitar with
  • ­Re­watching the sci­fi movies of my youth
  • ­… and focusing on the gleeful nostalgia rather than the corny dialogue and shoulder­pads­aplenty
  • The ferry from Sliema to Valletta
  • ­Getting ready to take over a business!
  • ­Playlists full of songs I can belt out in the car
  • Punctuation. I suppose there’s a reason I’m a content writer.
  • ­My husband. He is fluffy. Fluffy things are more lovable, it’s a fact.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: shake it like a polaroid picture

This week was busy and sticky. What is up with this horrid weather? It feels like everything is damp, humid, and oh-so-sticky. BUT I went to a beautiful “hen night” last night, and had a lot of fun. Particularly a lot of fun with silly props-on-sticks and a Polaroid camera.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday and Independence Day (50 years!!!) :)