August 2015 Favourites <3

August 2015 Favourites

August has been nice and quiet, and quite a mixed bag. I’m feeling great though, so I’m very optimistic about September and all it’s going to bring (mostly workworkwork, a trip to Latvia and a trip to Malta).

Pictured favourites:

  • A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki – I’ve only just started reading this book, but it’s beautiful (both inside and out). It’s a promising one.
  • The Mindfulness Colouring Book by Emma Farrarons – This is the latest craze, I know. But it’s been nice to colour like a three-year-old while watching something, as opposed to playing the latest levels of Candy Crush.
  • A Move Abroad by Ian McEwan – I’m trying to read everything every published by Ian McEwan, and since I’ve read all the novels and the short story collections, I’m getting through some of the… other stuff now, like this book, which actually included a fascinating discussion on the Cold War and weapons of mass destruction. This book includes words for an oratorio (very strange, but occasionally beautiful) and a screenplay (odd, not his best, but readable).
  • Please Note notepad from A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail – I’ve been loving the Happy Mail packages each month, and this notepad has been pretty and handy.
  • Cards from my best friends – I received a couple of cards from my best friends in Malta in August, and they’ve absolutely brightened up my LIFE.

Other favourites:

  • The Great British Bake Off – TV GOLD. That is all.
  • Best friend support – Some friendships are just… out-of-this-world amazing.
  • My new My Favourite Feelings blog post series – STILL RECEIVING SO MUCH LOVELY FEEDBACK. <3
  • Letting myself write the way I write and speak the way I speak, and feeling comfortable with this, because I keep sensing that people see the way I communicate sometimes as being a little too informal or “not fulfilling my potential” blah blah blah. Screw that. I can communicate in a million and one ways, and can choose to communicate in whichever way I want.
  • Awesome, awesome, awesome proofreading clients
  • My framed map present
  • Cycling
  • August in Luxembourg – it’s strange, because most places have been shut, but it’s strangely calm and nice.

Let’s make September a great month. Fingers crossed.

A to-do list for you: eat something “special”, and wear something that makes you feel super-good. ASAP.

Happy September!

Sunday Photo Mishmash: the library, the Schueberfouer, the biggest cat

This has been a very good week. One of the best this year – and not much happened! But it was just chilled and included a lot of steady work and delicious food (of course) (although, for once, there are no photos of food in my mishmash).

Above: I finally got myself a library card here in Luxembourg and now I have ALL THE BOOKS. (That’s the cathedral, and the library right next to it.)

Below: the 675th edition of the Schueberfouer (a massive funfair) in Luxembourg City. So much food and lights and fun.

The highlight of my week: yesterday evening we went to a lovely birthday BBQ where I met the BIGGEST BLACK CAT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. I love him. I played with him and cuddled him and rubbed his belly all.night.long. 

Hope everyone has had a marvellous week, and do have a wonderful Sunday!

Things I Love Thursday

  • Happiness
  • My new blog series kicking off and still receiving the loveliest feedback
  • Compiling a favourites post for next week
  • Wearing glasses
  • Cycling (and not dying/injuring myself)
  • Getting a library card at the national library in Luxembourg
  • Borrowing a bunch of beautiful books from aforementioned library
  • Being “one step closer”
  • Chocolate
  • The Schueberfouer!
  • Lots of proofreading work and gearing up for much, much more in the coming weeks

My Favourite Feelings (a taster)


Since my first “My Favourite Feelings” post last week, I’ve received such lovely feedback. Today, I thought I’d kick the blog series off with a little taster, with some of my own favourite feelings. I’ve also thought about perhaps limiting this series to a post every two weeks (instead of once a week), so as to slowly mete out the favourite feeling submissions over a longer period of time (we’ll see how it goes). :) A sneak peek into next time’s post: it’s going to be the parent edition, with some of my beloved parents’ favourite feelings. Very exciting.

Some of my own favourite feelings:

  1. Opening up an email or Facebook message from a proofreading client which contains huge gratitude and praise for my work.
  2. Being on the Gozo ferry on a beautiful day and looking out across the sea and seeing Comino.
  3. When my food arrives at our table at a restaurant and it looks beautiful and delicious.
  4. Being in my friend Annelise’s car during the golden hour with the windows down and the latest song-of-the-moment blaring through the speakers.
  5. Booking plane tickets.

I highly recommend this exercise, because it brings about so much gratitude and smiling. Do let me know your favourite feelings (email me: or message me on my Facebook page), and I’d love to feature them in a future post (you may, of course, remain anonymous if you wish).

Music Mondays: what were you meant for?

Ahhh. A lovely song for a late Monday morning. It transports me somewhere else.

This week has got to be productive, but I’m also allowing for as much enjoying-summer time as possible, especially since the weather has already started to turn here in Luxembourg. I am 100% not ready for winter.

Hope everyone is having a very bearable Monday. Eat something good today.

{ The Decemberists // Rox in the Box }

PS: the playlist.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: my framed 1897 map <3

I wrote a legal history thesis last year. My time period focused on 1887-1903, and my boyfriend lovingly married my love for that period of history with my love for maps, and gave me a map of Malta (and Valletta) from an 1897 atlas for Christmas. It’s perfect, but it’s been stuck in a cardboard envelope for months and months. UNTIL THIS WEEK, when he (again, lovingly) got it specially framed for me. It looks extra perfect now, and it makes us both so happy to see it up on the wall.

Have a happy Sunday.