04/09 Dissertation Progress: slightly terrified


  • Only three days to go. Madness.
  • I’m at around 18,000 words.
  • I still need to: finish writing my conclusion, edit/re-write a few chunks, add references to certain things, add a few extra bits here and there, proofread, fix up footnotes, fix up the bibliography, get the formatting right, prepare a contents page + cover page + acknowledgements page.
  • And then I need to upload it online, print out two copies, bind those two copies, and finally hand them in at the department.
  • Today’s goal is (1) conclusion, (2) editing and re-writing, (3) adding references to certain things, (4) adding a few extra bits here and there.
  • I’m exhausted.
  • Cinnamon rolls are an excellent way to start the day, however.
  • On Sunday I went to a BBQ out in the sun, and then rowing in the River Wear! <3 AND I GOT MY LEGS OUT.
  • Today needs to be mega productive, clearly.

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