12 Excellent Graphic Novels I Read in 2017

Possibly a little late in the day, but I had to share some of the best books I read last year. This is the first of THREE posts in which I’ll share my favourite graphic novels (this one), my favourite little books/zines/magazines (the second one) and my top favourite books (in general!) (the third post) of 2017.

In last year’s book wrap-up, I mentioned that I was loving graphic novels and I really wanted to discover more in 2017. This happened on an INCREDIBLE level last year. I read a huge amount of graphic novels, and I loved this journey of discovering this new form of reading material. There are so many wonderful, heartwarming, clever, hilarious and beautiful graphic novels – and comic book shops are pretty much amazing places, even if some people look at you funny because you don’t look like the stereotypical comic-book-shop customer. Especially when I’m in a French comic book shop.

Here are twelve excellent graphic novels (or comic books) that I read in 2017:

  1. Lady Stuff – an absolutely hilarious little book about womanhood which I received as a Christmas present from my bestie. It’s brilliant.
  2. The Saga series – I wasn’t too sure about this much-hyped series when I picked up the first volume, but I was strangely hooked. Now, I can’t stop, and I’m almost caught up.
  3. The Giant Days series – this was also really hyped, and I didn’t love it as much as the Saga series, but it intrigued me enough to pick up a few volumes, and I’ll probably get another one in the future to keep going with the series.
  4. Transat – I read this French graphic novel and was completely engulfed in this woman’s story of her voyage through life. This tells you nothing about the plot, but just know that it is beautiful.
  5. Adulthood is a Myth – I read this book in the car (in its entirety) after picking it up at the post office – it was that good. Such adorable doodles with lots of relatable situations.
  6. Persepolis – a magnificent story which everyone should read. The film is also gorgeous. Heartbreaking and very eye-opening.
  7. Un bruit étrange et beau – I was utterly captivated by this book. It’s a graphic novel in French, and I started reading it after liking the cover. However, the cover barely has anything to do with the story, and it was glorious. Very heavy and very dreamy.
  8. Mooncop – such a minimalistic story, with beautiful illustration. Super recommended, even if you get through it in a few minutes. Soak up all the details.
  9. The Trouble with Women – also a must-read. So hilarious and clever. Those darn women!
  10. Pyongyang – this one had a few problems, but I enjoyed it nonetheless, because I love most things when it comes to the fascinating (sad) country of North Korea.
  11. Maus – believe the hype! It wasn’t something I unabashedly loved, but it was definitely an important, weird read.
  12. Le jour où le bus est reparti sans elle – another lovely graphic novel in French, which turned out to be all about self-discovery and a clumsy, endearing protagonist.

As  you might imagine, I am still really open to more graphic novel suggestions! I have a pile of them in my bookcase, waiting to be read, but there’s always room for more.

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