21/08 Dissertation Progress – 7,000 words of incoherence?


  • So I didn’t manage to finish a coherent draft of my 5,000 word chunk as mentioned in my previous progress post, but I have that amount in a jumbled manner, which I’m currently piecing together in a coherent whole. Hoping to finish it and send it later on today. It doesn’t need to be perfect, Claire.
  • My sleeping patterns and energy levels have been fluctuating very oddly during the past few days.
  • Doing dishes is the bane of my life, but I’ve been on top of it by doing big batches every day/day-and-a-half.
  • I put on a little weight since moving to Durham last year, but now I’m putting on MORE weight throughout this silly dissertation-writing process. UGH.
  • My attempt at writing the introductory paragraph in a manner which is true to me failed MISERABLY.
  • I’ll update again once I’ve sent the finished chapter draft to my supervisor, and have a better idea of my word count and predicament. (The word count overall currently stands at around 7,000 words. Pretty significant.)

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