25/04 Thesis Progress: Not Good

Things are not going so well on the thesis front, as well as the life front. Only with regard to some things. Some things are great and fantastic. Others are just plummeting down towards deep, dark depths around me. I’ve been held back on progress on my thesis during the past few weeks, for a variety of reasons.

With just over a month to go, it’s time to lift myself from the bootstraps and charge ahead. I’ve been trying to do that for a while, however, and it hasn’t really worked. Yet. But – tomorrow is a new day, and at the end of it all, these are just a few words typed onto a page. I’m doing that right now.

Onwards and upwards. Even though I mostly feel like this.

PS: I’m sorry for not updating since December, but the long-story-short is that I emerged from a dark spell (as described back in December) and wrote a couple of chapters (that is, I mainly completely re-wrote a major chapter), and then I had my warrant exam to worry about, and now I’m (still) trying to get back into the groove of things. Eeeep.

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  1. clairebonello Post author

    But doesn’t it perfectly encapsulate the feeling of fear and terror and vocalisation of that fear and terror?

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