25/08 Dissertation Progress: reassured optimism


  • Less than two weeks to go.
  • Approximate word count is around 9,000.
  • Feedback on my introduction and literature review has been encouraging and very helpful.
  • I’ve found a certain work flow… Working at computer rooms and study rooms outside my room has helped.
  • A meeting with my supervisor yesterday was so incredibly good for me. Definitely feeling less panicky and more reassured.
  • Next step is to finish my first draft of a chapter I’m working on this weekend.
  • Then a few days of hardcore work on the bulkiest part of my dissertation, and I’ll go on from there.
  • Sleeping is a bit of a problem – I’m having awful nightmares about dissertation disasters, and it takes me a really long time to get to sleep.
  • I’m still a bit anxious about everything, but if I manage to be gradually productive, it should all be fine.

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