26/10 Thesis Progress: Well, I started…

Yes. YES. I actually started writing my Doctor of Laws thesis. I have about 350 words out of 35,000. That’s 1%! I’m very proud of myself, even though progress is so incredibly slow, but at least there is some semblance of actual progress.

When I wrote about my thesis’ progress last time, I actually managed to churn out these 350 words. Since then, I haven’t done much in terms of writing. What I have been doing is some dirty work which has involved trawling through the current laws of Malta and checking which promulgated and amended during the period I’m looking at have remained un-amended or have not been further amended up till this very day. That exercise will hopefully be useful once I delve into the third and fourth chapters of my thesis. This is classic me – if I can work on something else, I’ll do that instead of focusing on what actually should be done now. Oh well.

Today is another day which offers a few hours which can be free for thesis work. I was planning on going to a conference but then the desire to go completely left me, and I also realised that the content of the conference wasn’t largely pointed towards any of my academic interests at the moment. So I opted against it. Hopefully, I’ll get some work done.

I’m not sure what to start working on now – but it will probably be to read some relevant literature, and get some relevant files ready for printing so I can work on them next week. Maybe I’ll get my word count up a little next week. Ugh, this really is going to be a long road.

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