26th Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist 2015


I’m turning 26 on 18 March, and I have no idea how I’m going to be spending the day, but I’m very excited. And, as usual, I have compiled a little wishlist of things I would (hypothetically, tee hee) love to receive as gifts.

  1. A Daniel Wellington watch (with rose gold edges) – I’ve been wanting this for about a year, and it’s so gorgeous and sophisticated, yet not at all flashy…
  2. Dining out at fancy restaurants – I love a good meal at a good restaurant, and this sort of treat is one which might seem like a “waste of money” for some, but for me it is one of the loveliest experiences; I don’t forget special meals out, and I cherish the memories and the time spent with special people.
  3. Travel – whether it’s just the planning or whether it’s a concrete train/plane ticket, travel is what I ache for every day. And now that I live in the centre of Europe, it’s so easy (and quite surreal) to think about how, for example, I can be in the heart of Paris in two hours (TWO HOURS).
  4. Crooked House (Agatha Christie) – I’m becoming quite the Christie fan, and I’ve heard fantastic things about this one, so it’s next in line and would be the perfect gift. <3
  5. The Ocean at the End of the Lane (Neil Gaiman) – I’ve heard such excellent things about Neil Gaiman, and it’s high time that I give one of his books a go. This one has been given some pretty good reviews, so I think it could be a good gift for me to start off with his oeuvre, as it were.
  6. Diptyque Vanille candle – I finally forked out the money for a Diptyque candle at the end of January, and I can see what the fuss is about. Even Dave, my boyfriend, has been pestering me to “put on Feu de Bois” in the evenings. They’re magical candles, and I’d love to own another one soon.

Other options include: nice perfume (which I haven’t been able to find anywhere), a leather jacket I’ve had my eye on, and just more books.

So, just a few things, apart from gender equality and world peace and stuff. And perhaps this wishlist has inspired you to buy a gift for a special person in your own life (even if it’s just yourself). :)

8 thoughts on “26th Birthday Wishlist

  1. Corie Bratter

    I will pretend to turn 26 as well on March 13th :) (my granma pretended to be 26 at least for 20 years, so I think I will do the same)… I love those candles, if I am not wrong there used to be a luxury candles shop in Metz that was selling them!
    If you want to splash the cash for the fancy dinner experience go to Le Sud and, after a glass at the bar terrace, head to the restaurant for the tasting menu – definitely worth the price! :)
    I would love to have some beauty products for my birthday, maybe new gymwear and … a Chanel bag for sure (but this is definitely just a dream :P )


    1. clairebonello Post author

      Hahaha oh come on, you can’t be much older than 26!! 27, perhaps? :D

      The candles are amazing… I bought mine from a shop on Grand Rue! I think it’s called Rue de la Paix. :)

      YUM – thanks for the suggestion!! I would love to try it out… I’ll suggest it to my boyfriend ;)


  2. Angele

    I love your wishlist! I’d want one of each too…
    I would recommend starting your night out with drink at Sofitel (at the Gare) rooftop bar..amazing views of Lux at night & atmosphere! The restaurant is also super good if you want to splurge…
    Hope to see you for lunch & I can give you more tips on restaurants:)


    1. clairebonello Post author

      Oooh, thanks for the recommendation! Dave is planning some exciting things for my birthday, but apparently they’re a surprise… issa naraw!! :)
      Can’t wait to discuss more restaurant tips at lunch! :)

  3. Marie-Laure

    Claire! The watch is so beautiful (bon ok I have this watch and then I can tell you that now, I can’t make without!)…You have to ask especially for it! Ah ah! :-)

  4. Ankie

    Daniel Wellington watches are divine :D I got one for Christmas and have been wearing it non-stop. The only “complaint” I have is the wristband, really. I had to add 2 holes so it fit my wrist (but that could also be the fault of my obnoxiously tiny wrists…).
    Books are always good. I sometimes get an amazon gift card, because nobody wants to buy me a “wrong” book so they just let me choose by myself. ;)
    As for Neil Gaiman, I have yet to read one of his books, but I am very familiar with his work as a comics writer (literature and comics student) and can only recommend his work.


    1. clairebonello Post author

      Ooooh, thanks for the tips about the watches… And it’s so cool that you’re into literature and comics! I really want to read some Neil Gaiman stuff ASAP :) x


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