30/06 Thesis Progress: IT’S SUBMITTED.


It’s been such a long time coming, but I finally gave in my thesis this morning. I’m absolutely exhausted and am kind of incredulous, but it’s IN, and now I just have to sit and wait for my viva date.

My wonderful friends and boyfriend spent hours over the past week looking over every word and comma, and I polished up my bibliography and tables over the weekend. I was up till 2AM last night to make sure that everything was as perfect as it could be. After it was completely finished and ready for printing (and burned onto a CD!) this morning, I FOUND A SPELLING MISTAKE. AND I WANTED TO DIE. Particularly because this word was a surname that is identical to mine. (HOW DID I MANAGE TO MISSPELL MY OWN SURNAME?! AND NOT EVEN REALISE?!) But thankfully, I was just in time, and quickly fixed it before printing and submitting.

Now I’m going to have a relaxed night in, with a bottle of wine (shared with my boyfriend) and lots of smelly cheese and oatcakes. Yum. Writing theses is hard, but I’m so proud of this one.

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