30/11 Thesis Progress: progress and delays

It’s almost the end of #AcWriMo (Academic Writing Month), and the mere idea of this has been a huge help this month. My word count is somewhere around 13,000 words, and that includes a few hundred for Chapter 1, 8,700 for Chapter 2, and 4,100 for Chapter 3. Both Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 need to be re-hashed in places and Chapter 3 has a long way to go before it’s finished, which means that it will definitely need to be shortened. BUT I am so proud of myself and my progress.

I’m only allowing myself around two more weeks of thesis work before I dial it down heavily until the end of March. Plus I’m going to be abroad for a few days in a week and a half, so that means that I only have a few more days to really squeeze out some more thesis work.

I’ve definitely hit a few obstacles and stumbling blocks during the past couple of weeks. The procurement of basic primary resources for my thesis has proved to be rather problematic in some parts, which sucks big time. For example, the National Archives have a SEVEN-YEAR GAP with regard to compiled volumes of Ordinances enacted in Malta, and even though I can find them elsewhere, it was quite a drawback that things are not as easy to refer to as I once thought. Also, I wanted photocopies of some Ordinances of certain years, and I was only informed this morning that this particular volume might not be fit for photocopying (I wish they would just let me take photos myself) and their photocopier isn’t even photocopying so well recently. Ugh, it’s set me back a few days. At least I’ll give myself the task of making sure that I can get these required materials in some way, even if it takes me longer than my self-assigned two weeks.

With regard to supervisor feedback, I haven’t set up a meeting with him yet, so that needs to happen next week, ideally. Let’s pray that he likes what I’ve written so far.

Otherwise, I’ve been doing well with juggling other things in my life alongside thesis-writing and research. It’s still difficult for me to sit down and just write bits of my thesis, but I sometimes do other equally important work like highlighting text or going to the Archives or National Library for some research.

Let’s hope my next update will bring more progress and more useful research. And let’s hope my last stab at this #AcWriMo business is productive…

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