A Course for Newcomers in Luxembourg


When I arrived in Luxembourg, I wrote a blog post about my very first impressions. I can’t believe it will soon be a whole entire year since I wrote that post! Still a little over a month to go, though. :)

A lovely woman who lives in Luxembourg had read that blog post and sent me a sweet email to welcome me to Luxembourg (and gave me a bunch of hugely useful tips!) – one of her suggestions had been to attend a course that was specifically tailored for newcomers to Luxembourg. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to attend that course, because there weren’t any new courses being held, but the woman who takes care of these courses just emailed me to say that there are new ones that are about to be held, and I thought it would be helpful to spread the word.

These courses are free to attend (and include lunch!), and the length of time you’ve been in Luxembourg is not a restriction. Unfortunately, these courses are currently only available to non-EU nationals, but I’m hoping that some people who fall under that category will come across this and apply.

The first course will be on December 5th. It will also eventually be offered in Portuguese. Check out further details on their website. Happy relocating!

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