A Year of Favourites!


I’ve been compiling monthly Favourites posts for an entire year now, so this post is a little re-cap of all the things I loved throughout 2013.

January Favourites

I went all out in this one, it being the first and all. Stand-out products: Real Techniques Buffing Brush, rose water, Tangle Teezer, blue woolly Primark snood.

Paris 2013 773

February Favourites

February was mostly an indoors type of month, since I was sick for most of it. The book, The Remains of the Day, was really good, Stand-out products: the buffing brush (again), and the tub of Blistex (which I then lost in a carpark in October – I think – which almost ruined my life).

March Favourites 2013

March Favourites

I went for a trip to Paris at the end of February/beginning of March, which is evident by the delicious French jam which made it to my favourites of the month. Stand-out products: the Real Techniques brushes, which I still use every time I apply make-up.

April Favourites 2013

April Favourites

April was one of the better months of the year, surprisingly. I was still a long way away from finishing A Game of Thrones, but I managed to finish it by the end of the year, and loved it. Stand-out products: the hair oil, and the book.

May + June Favourites

May + June Favourites

Due to crazy exams (and a lot of problems with sleeping), I had to merge May and June favourites in one. Stand-outs: my cat (always the favourite), sunscreen (always, too), and Bill Bryson books.

july favourites

July Favourites

For July, I was so busy running around and having fun (and working) that I could only manage a crappy(ish) phone picture for my favourites. July meant a lot of reading, as you can see. Stand-out products: sunglasses (which I still use almost every day), Ian McEwan (always – even though I enjoyed The Cement Garden more).

August Favourites 2013

August Favourites

So much work this month, but also a lot (a lot!) of holidaying and visits to Gozo. Stand-out products: theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer (which I still use every single time I put on make-up), the Bourjois Magic nail polish remover (all I use to remove nail polish), and (again) Ian McEwan.

September Favourites

September Favourites

Mega stress starts to set in (it still hasn’t abated), but I worked some more and enjoyed the last bits of the summer holidays. Stand-out products: all the body products, Godiva chocolate, and that Body Shop strawberry lip balm (I love the light tint it gives my lips).

October 2013 Favourites

October Favourites

Uni life took over once again in October, but I still had Godiva chocolate to see me through. As well as my lovely friends and awesome boyfriend, without whom I think I wouldn’t be able to get through most things. Stand-out products: the Godiva chocolate (obviously), and the Soap&Glory Sexy Mother Pucker gloss stick.

November 2013 Favourites

November Favourites

This month was my Big Month this year, I started running, I participated in Academic Writing Month and did a lot of research and drafting for my thesis, and felt quite good about myself. Stand-out products: a book about North Korea, John Green, my new Ecco boots, and my new awesome trainers.

December 2013 Favourites

December Favourites

And then everything fell apart a little in December. However, I still managed to complete the Couch-to-5k regime (and actually run 5km), I read a lot, enjoyed a bunch of Christmassy things, and visited Florence. Stand-out products: How To Be a Woman by Caitlin Moran (who is exceedingly hilarious), Bioderma solution, and Rose Jam (more LUSH goodies showcased here).

Here’s to another year of favourite things, blogging, and taking pictures of things on my bathroom floor.

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