April 2015 Favourites <3

April has been absolutely jam-packed and fantastic. I spent most of it in Malta, and a long weekend in Alghero (Sardinia), so I’ve also had my fair share of sun, sea and fun this month. Work has been manic, though, which is good/bad, since I’ve often had to cancel all plans to buckle down and get things done, but I’m so proud of how my business is doing and how hardworking my clients are.

Pictured favourites!

  • Crooked House (Agatha Christie) – Agatha has done it again (hah). I absorbed this book in a few hours – mostly while on a plane/car-ride to Luxembourg this week. Such a satisfying little mystery.
  • Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Pucker Extreme Plump lip gloss – this tingles like there’s no tomorrow, and looks gorgeous on my lips, so A++++ from me. (It was a very kind and excellent birthday present from my bestie, Anna.)
  • Ole Henriksen African Red Tea Exfoliating Lip Salvation – another wonderful birthday present from Anna. (Basically, just give me lip products as presents and I will be 100% happy.) This is a smoothing (giant) tub of lip balm which smells and feels amazing.
  • Springfield dress (currently half-price on their website!!) – I bought this while on a stay in Gozo, and love how it fits me. The sleeves are also great for windy Spring evenings (and Luxembourg in general).

Other favourites!

  • Clinique chubby stick – the wonderful Valentina gave me my first Clinique chubby stick for my birthday, and it was supposed to be a pictured favourite but I think I’ve left it in Malta! I wore it so much while in Malta, and it was perfect at a Spring wedding. I get the awesome hype around this product.
  • Being featured in an article in a Luxembourgish newspaper(!!)
  • Work – it’s been a little overwhelming to be a full-time proofreader this month (FULL-full-time), since it’s totally deadline season right now, but I’m always grateful for being able to do this job so happily and so well (at least, my clients are always so happy – that’s the best part). And I get to read about some of the latest research in such a variety of fields, first-hand, so that’s just the best perk.
  • Gozo – best Gozo trip, ever
  • Wine – so much wine. Especially at Tal-Massar.
  • Palazzo Parisio – the perfect afternoon spot to celebrate a special occasion
  • My cousins’ perfect little new baby
  • Gellish nails – I tried them last month while in Malta, and they are AMAZING. I literally went to a field and picked potatoes, and they were still 100% intact for weeks.
  • Alghero, Sardinia – I really hope to find time to put up a little post about our early-April weekend on this gorgeous island. It was such a surprisingly beautiful place, and we had some of the best food ever here too. (And you know I’m aaaaall about the food.)

Hope everyone has an excellent May! Deadline season is still very much upon us, but at least things will start to slow down a little, and I can’t wait for our beautiful German friend to visit us for a few days tomorrow.

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