Body Products I’m Loving

Body Products

As I mentioned in my September Favourites post, I’ve been particularly loving some shower products recently. These aren’t necessarily shower products – I’m sure you could use most of them in a bath, for example – but I’ve been so enthralled by them this month. Basically, these products get the job done (I’m clean!) but are also lovely on the skin and (above all) smell crazy delicious.

1. Soap & Glory Clean On Me shower gel: this has that Soap & Glory “pink” scent, it lathers up nicely (you only need to use a tiny bit), and it comes in a massive 500ml bottle. It claims to have “built-in lotion”, which I’m not too sure about, but it definitely feels nourishing and kind to my skin. Luxuriously creamy.

2. Cottage Argan Oil shower gel: I bought this from Paris last March, and it has remained in my bathroom, unused, for months. Then my boyfriend took a shower at my house one day and after he got out I realised that the house smelled like a piece of nutty heaven. He had used some of this, and now it’s my shower gel of choice for when I have time to spend an extra minute in the shower, just taking in this glorious scent. And I’m sure it’s kind to my skin, but I’m just too focused on the wonderful smell.

3. Sephora Chocolate creamy body wash: wow. This is the absolute favourite right now. My father innocently picked this up by a Sephora counter when he was on a recent business trip in Brussels, and when he gave this to me, I could immediately smell a certain hot-chocolate-with-a-marshmallow type of scent. This was when the tube was still covered in plastic. I tried it the next morning, and the scent just got better. I am in love. It’s ridiculously cheap, ridiculously delicious, and the smell even lingers on your skin! I can smell like a hot chocolate (sprinkled with icing sugar) at any moment of the day! This body wash warrants exclamation marks!

4. A bar of soap: my lovely friend Anna bought this for me “on the continent”. I can’t remember what it’s called or what it contains, but it’s very lovely, it looks really cool, and it smells great.

Happy showering!