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My Favourite Feelings (Sunny’s)


Today, I’m sharing a list of favourite feelings by the lovely Sunny. She actually wrote it last spring (which explains the reference to spring below), but I’m publishing it now, since I’m back in the swing of blogging right now.

Sunny is an incredible photographer, she has the best hair, and she loves good music. Definitely one of the sweetest and most interesting people I’ve met in Luxembourg. Read some of her favourite feelings to find out how fascinating she is, and then head over to her blog to check out her beautiful photos.

  • The smell of freshly cut grass on a rainy Spring-day.
  • Hugs from my 4-year-old niece. They are the best.
  • To let go of people and things that are negative: very scary and difficult at first. But eventually you end up feeling so good.
  • Breakfasts and mornings. Morning is my favourite part of the day because I feel like I can do anything with my whole day which is still ahead of me. Yes, I am a morning-person and actually like waking up early.
  • When you get home after getting all wet in the rain and change into comfy and dry clothes.
  • Feeling and experiencing real love. So rare but so amazing.
  • Gratitude. Always feel thankful for those small things in life.
  • Adventures. Small and big. Near and far. I love feeling the adrenaline-rush.
  • When you know that someone is thinking of you. What a beautiful feeling to know that someone is taking the time and energy from their hectic, fast-paced life to think about you.
  • Crossing off things from my various to-do lists. I am a list addict and have different kinds of lists.
  • Connecting with someone.
  • Finding someone just as weird and “alternative” as you.
  • Watching a beautiful and touching movie.
  • Meditation.
  • Going to a concert and feeling the music with every part of your body.
  • When you see something in nature that is so beautiful that it is too much to take in and you end up having teary eyes.
  • Capturing the perfect moment with my camera.
  • Even if you are far from being perfect and far from having accomplished all your goals, realising that you kind of ended up OK in life.

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My Favourite Feelings (Tiara’s)


Making friends in a foreign country is hard. Of course it’s hard. Especially when there are language barriers and when you don’t even work in an environment with other people (ah, the life of a freelancer). However, I’ve been exceptionally lucky to make a few wonderful (and international) friends here in Luxembourg. One of the loveliest of those is Tiara. We met at a wine-tasting event, became friends on Facebook, she read my blog and suggested meeting for a coffee, and that was it! Firm friends, lovers of wine and food, and the official Luxembourg Christmas market partners in crime. Tiara speaks a lot of languages (German! French! English! A language of India that I keep forgetting the name of because I am an ignorant European woman! Spanish! Probably others!), she gives the sweetest gifts, sends the best WhatsApp messages, and has one of the kindest souls I’ve ever encountered. And did I mention that she shares my love for wine? Wine.

Here are some of Tiara’s favourite feelings:

  1. Sitting in a window seat on a plane, feeling an adrenaline rush as the plane accelerates before takeoff, and then seeing the earth from a bird’s eye view :)
  2. I’m a sucker for beautiful sunsets/sunrises – amazing landscapes and natural beauty – Mother Nature never stops impressing me. My favourite spot was walking over a bridge over the river Maas in Maastricht, watching the sun set over the beautiful city – I never once got bored of that view in 8 years of living there.
  3. Sorry to lower the tone ;), but you know that awful feeling when you’re standing at the bus stop in the rain on the way home, dying to pee, and the bus seems to be going especially slowly that particular day, and then you finally somehow make it home and relieve yourself just in time… yeah that! Best feeling ever!!
  4. Completely forgetting all about my worries for 1 hour during my fabulous Zumba classes, and letting myself go with the music (and releasing my secret inner J-Lo ;)!)
  5. Big family dinners at home – my mom is an amazing cook <3
  6. Snuggling up onto a comfy sofa, with a snugly blanket, and watching fun stuff on TV (especially BBC cooking programmes!) (sob, sob – I miss this in Luxembourg… no sofa, TV or decent internet connection :()
  7. So instead, I love going for lunch/dinner/coffee/drinks/cake with good friends and having a lovely, long catch up, where you just lose track of time.
  8. CAKE
  9. Seeing old friends after ages and feeling as though nothing’s changed – and meeting new friends whom you feel like you’ve known forever <3
  10. Finding the perfect gift for someone and watching them open it with happy anticipation.
  11. Seeing my grandmother smile and laugh – she’s too cute!
  12. Cute, fat babies with chubby cheeks!!

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My Favourite Feelings (Annelise’s)


Annelise is my original bestie. We met at drama classes when we were 8 years old, and we hit it off immediately. Our friendship completely solidified at age 16, when we were studying together for our A’ levels, and then the rest is history. She’s one of the most special people in the whole world, she is ever-resourceful in any situation, and she always manages to trip over something or other every time we meet. I love her oh-so-much.

It took a while before I coaxed her into compiling a list of her favourite feelings, but once she got going, it seems that she loved the task.

Here are some of her favourite feelings:


  • Being on stage and the adrenaline before performing.
  • The excitement before watching a performance.
  • Crawling into a warm bed after a long day.
  • Playing football.
  • Watching Juventus play.
  • Jumping into the sea on a hot summer day and enjoying the instant coolness.
  • Sitting down outside on a calm summer afternoon in Malta and reading a nice book.
  • Having a nice meal in good company accompanied by some nice wine.
  • Hugs – particularly my mum’s hugs which are always the warmest and strongest.
  • Being with my family.
  • Hanging out with my friends and the warmth and joy I feel when I sit back for a moment to appreciate how happy they are together.
  • Happiness.
  • Love.
  • Baking.
  • Praying and knowing that I’m not alone.
  • Laughing.
  • When the sun shines on me and I immediately think of home.
  • Watching TV on the sofa at home.

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My Favourite Feelings (Maria’s)


Maria is a lovely reader and friend. She’s helpful, enthusiastic, and oh-so-beautiful. She is also an extra-special fan of my TILT posts, and sent me the most genuine bunch of some of her favourite feelings. It’s going to be in a bit of a different format this time, but I’m sure you’ll love reading them:

I really enjoy looking at photos that bring up old memories – the older the better. Apart from that, sometimes I also get the chance of smelling smells that remind me a lot of my childhood, e.g. those white mothballs remind me of how curious I used to be to try to understand what they were and I would always go and smell them in secret, because Mum wouldn’t let me. Another favourite feelings is when I feel and smell clear water (of Malta) in my hands. It has a particular smell and it also reminds me a lot of childhood – when in summer my brother and I used to go in a sort of small pool in our back garden hihihihi.

Right now I have a coconut candle burning – that’s a favourite as well :) :) hahaha and funnily enough, I also enjoy dipping my finger into the melted wax and then rubbing it between my fingers until it thickens – the end result: a wonderful coconut smell on my fingers. I used to love this, especially when I had a strawberry and a green apple candle to burn!

And I love the decorations, atmosphere, and that ‘let’s unite altogether’ feeling of Christmas.

These were the perfect festive favourites! Please send me your own favourite feelings on


My Favourite Feelings (Eline’s)

Death_to_stock_photography_Vibrant (10 of 10)

Eline is one of my most special friends. We had met at an AEGEE Summer University in Leiden, The Netherlands, six years ago, and we’ve been good friends ever since. She visited me in Malta a few years ago, and we constantly keep in touch through snail mail, emails and Facebook messages. She’s also one of the hugest supporters of my blog, and it was so great to hear that she wanted to contribute some of her favourite feelings too.

Eline is Dutch (Frisian, to be exact). She’s a dancer, a historian, and an all-round wonderful human being. She’s no-nonsense, beautiful, and always writes me the perfect emails and messages.

Here are a few of her favourite feelings:

  1. Dancing. I have been dancing as long as I can remember and no matter at what point I am in my life, dancing is the one thing I always come back to. When I dance it is like my body and mind move at the same speed and breathing becomes this easy and natural thing. It is magical. It is truly like ‘electricity’ from Billy Elliot.
  2. Crawling up into a comfortable chair with a soft blanket and a good book watching a movie or series.
  3. Waking up in the morning, realising it is weekend and I can sleep some more.
  4. Feeling the sun shining on my skin.
  5. Cooking for my family and friends and seeing them having a good time. I just love being surrounded by family and friends in general and spending quality time with them.
  6. Hanging with my mum, who is the most wonderful person I know. Ever.
  7. Having deep, heartfelt conversations.
  8. Taking a deep breath of fresh air when it is freezing outside.
  9. Ice skating on natural ice when the sun is shining, the skies are blue and it is freezing.
  10. Walking at the beach and feeling the wind blow in my face and smelling the particular salty smell of the Waddenzee (believe me, it’s not this magical deep blue sea, but it has a wonderful smell).
  11. Making a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the morning (or better: having a wonderful person make me a cup of coffee).

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My Favourite Feelings (Anna’s)

When I first started this Favourite Feelings series, I think my best friend Anna was the first to be excited and to ask to contribute. Once she sent her own list of some of her favourite feelings (below), she said: “That was so much fun. I ended up adding a few and now I want to keep adding to the list forever.” This tends to happen with everyone, and I’m so excited to keep publishing more of my readers’ little (and not-so-little) lists of favourite feelings.

Anna is a kick-ass lawyer, my own personal cheerleader, my hero, always a WhatsApp message or an email away, and the best present-wrapper and card-writer I know. Here are some of her favourite feelings:

  1. Knowing that friends and family, no matter where in the world they are, are an email, call or message away
  2. Taking control
  3. Feeling proud of myself
  4. Being in good company, with food, wine and no commitments the following morning
  5. Overtaking slow drivers hogging the fast lane
  6. Receiving snail mail
  7. Being on time
  8. Suddenly recalling a happy memory
  9. Kicking off my shoes at the end of a long day/night
  10. The excitement of planning trips
  11. Anticipating the luxury of binge reading/watching for a few hours
  12. The satisfaction of a good day’s work, or a job well done, or a little win
  13. Letting go, moving on and being happier for it
  14. Accepting comfort and help, sometimes
  15. Feeling happy, safe and, especially (as he knows), warm in my boyfriend’s arms
  16. Being welcomed home by my pets
  17. Loving and being loved in return

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My Favourite Feelings (my Mum’s)

It’s so fascinating to read my parents’ favourite feelings – I asked them to compile a list of some of their favourite feelings a few weeks ago, and I had no idea what they would come up with. When they sent me their lists by email, I (obviously) cried, because they’re so genuine and beautiful and sweet. They warmed the cockles of my soul. In these lists, there’s nothing groundbreaking or hugely surprising, but it’s not something we often speak about, so it’s truly heartwarming to read a list of some of the things which make my parents happiest. (My Mum has also kept emailing me to add more items to this list… adorable.)

So, this time, it’s my Mum’s turn to list some of her favourite feelings. She worked at a bank for over 40 years, she always looks 100% presentable with a massive smile, and she can haggle her way through anything. Here are some of her favourite feelings:

  • Eating out with my husband and preferably also with my daughter
  • Having picnics with my sisters
  • Visiting elderly acquaintances
  • Organising a BBQ for the family
  • Buying good quality items at bargain prices
  • Making other people happy
  • Helping others
  • Eating healthy food
  • Skype sessions with our daughter – I can never have enough
  • Having Claire home (from Luxembourg)
  • Meeting old friends
  • When the house is clean and tidy
  • Seeing to a lot of errands
  • When it’s bad weather and all the family is at home

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My Favourite Feelings (my Dad’s)

My parents know about my blog and, while they are hugely supportive (as they’ve always been, with everything), they’re understandably wary about what I share on the Internet. And while they were initially a little reluctant to contribute to this My Favourite Feelings series, I sense that they thoroughly enjoyed the activity of thinking about and listing some of their favourite feelings.

Today, it’s my Dad’s turn. He’s one of the best people ever, he’s very recently retired, and makes the best fluffiest mashed potatoes in the world. Here are some of his favourite feelings:

  • Waking up in the morning without needing to go to the office
  • Going to sleep with the thought that the morrow’s commitments are not binding
  • Listening to the cat purring
  • Speaking on Skype with our daughter
  • Making plans to visit Claire and Dave in Luxembourg
  • Driving a clean car
  • Shopping for a new car

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My Favourite Feelings (a taster)

Since my first “My Favourite Feelings” post last week, I’ve received such lovely feedback. Today, I thought I’d kick the blog series off with a little taster, with some of my own favourite feelings. I’ve also thought about perhaps limiting this series to a post every two weeks (instead of once a week), so as to slowly mete out the favourite feeling submissions over a longer period of time (we’ll see how it goes). :) A sneak peek into next time’s post: it’s going to be the parent edition, with some of my beloved parents’ favourite feelings. Very exciting.

Some of my own favourite feelings:

  1. Opening up an email or Facebook message from a proofreading client which contains huge gratitude and praise for my work.
  2. Being on the Gozo ferry on a beautiful day and looking out across the sea and seeing Comino.
  3. When my food arrives at our table at a restaurant and it looks beautiful and delicious.
  4. Being in my friend Annelise’s car during the golden hour with the windows down and the latest song-of-the-moment blaring through the speakers.
  5. Booking plane tickets.

I highly recommend this exercise, because it brings about so much gratitude and smiling. Do let me know your favourite feelings (email me: or message me on my Facebook page), and I’d love to feature them in a future post (you may, of course, remain anonymous if you wish).

My Favourite Feelings (Introduction)

“Don’t get too emotional.”

I tell that to myself a few times a day (at best), usually just as my eyes start welling up with tears. I’m not the best at controlling emotions, mostly because I cry easily – whether it’s in happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, embarrassment, or pride. Then again, I love that I feel my feelings so much. If I’m looking at a beautiful sunset at the end of an exhilarating day, you can bet that I’m fully riding that wave of elation for all it’s worth. If my friends, family, or boyfriend let me know about some of their good news, I soar with punchy, pure happiness for them. It can get difficult when I’m trying to present myself as a professional and competent human being and my passion for something gets in the way, and I start turning red and tearing up with fierceness (I cried during both of my big final oral exams last year. I was 25 years old.). Still, feeling feelings is something that I look at and regard as one of my best traits, so I’m going to keep embracing it. To me, it’s a clear manifestation of how passionate, genuine, alive, and (yes) competent and professional I am and can be.

I saw this vlogbrothers video a few months ago, and after watching several video responses to it, the idea of listing your favourite feelings stayed with me, and wouldn’t let go. It prompted a lot of self-reflection, of course, so I thought about my very favourite feelings, and what makes me really feel good/satisfied/pleased/proud/happy. However, I was also struck with an aching curiosity about what other people’s favourite feelings are – especially when it comes to people I might admire, friends, family members, older people, younger people…

So I decided to start a new blog post series on my blog. Every Tuesday, there will be a new post listing some favourite feelings. They’ll be my favourite feelings, my boyfriend’s favourite feelings, my friends’ favourite feelings, my family’s favourite feelings, and my readers’ favourite feelings. Send me your favourite feelings at (you can remain anonymous if you wish).

Can’t wait for next Tuesday.