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Venus the Cat (jumper edition)

Venus jumper 2

Ah, Venus. She’s the chubbiest, sweetest, laziest cat in the world, and I love her to bits. Who wouldn’t love this cuddly bundle of fluff?

Venus jumper 3

In fact, we all love her so much that we had a jumper made especially for her.

Venus jumper 5

Did she appreciate it? No. No, she didn’t. She rejected the very concept of the jumper.

Venus jumper 6

Was she super cute and hilarious while wearing the jumper? Yes. Yes, she was.

Little Bits of Love 32

Bokeh. Oh, bokeh, my love.

Is it strange that I love a type of out-of-focus blur? I’m not quite a super-fancy photographer (yet), but I do appreciate some (often overdone) bokeh.

The photo shown above was taken off O’Connell Bridge in Dublin, Ireland. Look at the pretty reflections on the River Liffey! I’m in love.