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Medley of Miscellany

I haven’t compiled one of these posts in what feels like aeons, but link round-ups are often my favourite blog posts in general. Hope you find something that intrigues you in this list.

This gif freaks me out/makes me want to try this out myself.

“So sick of people who pretend their problem is with the word ‘feminism’ rather than the concept of gender equality.”

A lovely Luxembourgish blogger wrote about her internship at a newspaper.

This is about a year too late, but still beautiful: that Tower of London poppy installation.

A very important (and oft-forgotten) step towards being a respectful adult.

Currently reading. Possibly my next read (borrowed it from the library). Want to buy&read.

Hope you have a lovely day.

Medley of Miscellany

I’m hoping that there are a lot of mornings like this in my future. Just before plummeting into a day of proofreading, walks, and job-hunting.

Some wise words for graduates of 2014.

I really need to buy a few of these (high-end) multi-use beauty products for on-the-go.

Things that cause anxiety. I am getting anxious just by reading about numbers 1, 3, 7, 13, 18(!), and 26(!!!!!!!!). I just cannot even.

Too many walnuts: this quote is a metaphor for life and EVERYTHING.

How do you feel about coconut oil? I think it’s divine, but I used it on my hair a few weeks ago and I think I went a little overboard, because my hair was a CRAZY OIL SLICK for a few days, until I shampooed the hell out of it.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

Medley of Miscellany

Good words to live by.

Aching to read this book. And this one. This one too.

7 guidelines for writing emails people actually want to read.

This sounds like the perfect minimal make-up collection.

A great basic fitness regime.

Little things we take for granted: “Being able to move nearly whenever you want” is the top one for me right now.

Have a lovely day + holidays!

Medley of Miscellany

Beautiful bright bedrooms with colourful bedding and pretty things hanging off the walls are essentially my dream when it comes to a future home. I wonder what my room in Luxembourg is going to look like…

I’m a cryer. It doesn’t mean I’m weak, it doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be taken seriously. (Quite the opposite, actually.) Why crying at work takes courage.

Several gems on this list: 50 books everyone should read.

Things you (might) need if you want to work out.

One of the best products from The Body Shop.

It’s tough to show self-care sometimes, but this blog post is thought-provoking and a good place to start.

Have a great day.

Medley of Miscellany

This is what my life will look like in Luxembourg (I hope).

My boyfriend currently lives in another country, so this is more relevant than usual right now.

Do everything on this Autumn Bucket List now.

Definitely needing this in Luxembourg: how to make your house extra cosy.

3 rules for emailing a busy person.

Great for the holidays: 8 tips for entertaining.

Have a lovely day!

Medley of Miscellany

This is basically me – drinks are great, but if I’ve got one already, mozzarella sticks are the way to go.

A beautiful short poem about having strong emotions. So much yes.

Rosie writes some of the best posts. This one about Edinburgh makes me ache to visit again.

Take a 30-minute break.

A helpful post about having sponsored posts on your blog.

A list of AMAZING life-tips.

Have a great day!

Medley of Miscellany

In case you hadn’t realised, I really love books. Reading is one of my top favourite pastimes, and I’ve done so much of it this year.

Some excellent advice on how to pull yourself out of a slump.

Life is too short to…

One of Davinia’s best posts: 20 Things Every Maltese Knows to be True

The fine line between inspiration and imitation

I LOVE reading a person’s list of goals. Always so inspiring or, at the very least, thought-provoking.

Have a great day!