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Sunday Photo Mishmash: Easter holidays in Luxembourg

The mishmash is back! We had grand plans for this Easter holiday weekend, but never got ’round to booking anything, so instead we rented a car and decided to explore a bit more of our beautiful host country.

On Easter Saturday, we went on a hike in the Ardennes region. The hike was technically all in Germany (we crossed the border after a minute of walking), but our views were mostly of Luxembourg, and it was all very glorious. I’m still not used to seeing such super-tall trees and kilometres upon kilometres of forest.

For Good Friday, we went to Clervaux and attended the Good Friday service at the Benedictine abbey there. We also broke our fast with a delicious pizza in the town centre. Just look at that majestic white castle and the town church. And the sun had finally come out too!

On Thursday, we popped into Schengen for a quick visit. The place is very sweet (and all about the European Union). Here I’m pointing at the point in the water where the Schengen Agreement was signed, where THREE countries meet: Germany, France, and Luxembourg.

Hope everyone is having a very Happy Easter. We’re planning on another hike today. May the sunshine be with us.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: a round-up of the past months

I haven’t put up a Sunday Photo Mishmash post in what feels like aeons. Here’s a round-up of a bunch of my pictures from the past few months.

Above, that’s me at a LUSH bloggers’ party at LUSH Luxembourg. I won the grand prize of the day – a giant 12 Days of Christmas gift pack! IT’S BEYOND AMAZING. I’m still not fully over the gleeful surprise. It’s glorious.

Below – it’s clearly been a season of wins – NUX spreads had a little competition for the best suggestion of a name for their new macadamia spread, and I won a generous package of nut spreads! My suggestion was Macadamia Mania. ;) It’s also super delicious, although my favourite will always be the wonderful, velvety cashew dream…

Autumn was beautiful and super vibrant here in Luxembourg. I adored it. This was me while walking towards a bus stop after giving an English lesson. (Ecco boots and Primark Super Cosy purple tights.)

I’ve travelled a lot over the past few weeks – including a crazy 16-hour layover in London, where I spent a night and a morning with my bestie (it was fantastic. We went to the Breakfast Club. And then to Tiger. Oh yes.). This is us in Canary Wharf.

Giant pancakes with bacon and maple syrup at the Breakfast Club:

And then I spent a nice long time in Malta (AKA the best place in the world). My boyfriend and I popped over to Gozo one afternoon. We found San Blas Bay, we had some ftajjar from Maxokk, it was AMAZING.

This is Għar Qawqla in Marsalforn that same day. LOOK AT THAT PURPLE COTTON CANDY SKY. My eyes tear up at the utter beauty.

We went to the Pub for a Halloween Party while we were in Malta, with all our friends. It was such a fun night, and my costume was Awesome.

I once had an hour to kill in Malta, with no other plans. So I grabbed my book and drove to Dingli Cliffs, where I sat and admired the breathtaking view. I hadn’t been there in ages. Ridiculously beautiful.

And my final photo for this mishmash: duck and waffle (and that VIEW) at Duck & Waffle in London. I’ve been meaning to head to this restaurant on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower for some delicious food for ages. And I finally managed to book a table for me and Annelise (aforementioned and pictured bestie in a photo further up), right by the window! It was fantastic, although the lift-ride back down was a little too… quick for my digestive system. But otherwise, delicious, special stuff. And the Head Chef tweeted at me after I tweeted the picture below! Whee!

Phew, quite a chunky mishmash! Hope you enjoyed it. Although it could be easily summarised as: Claire gushes about Malta and its beauty, and there’s also a little about LUSH and lots of food.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Photo Mishmash: that blue sea of mine

Living away from Malta always puts the Mediterranean Sea up on a gigantic pedestal for me. That fixture of everyday life that was almost always there in the corner of my eye as I drove around and lived my life is suddenly no longer there, and it’s quite curious how fundamental it is in relation to my overall happiness. Coming from a little town in the centre of the island of Malta, it wasn’t like I woke up and could see the sea (like a lot of people can), but my insatiable love affair with the Mediterranean started once I left for England to study and was thousands and thousands of kilometres away.

Now I live in a landlocked country without easy direct-flight access to my home country, and I miss the Mediterranean more and more as the days go on. At least I’m lucky enough to be able to visit really regularly, so I always get my fix of the sea whenever I’m back home.

The photo above was taken last Tuesday while on a trip to Gozo with my parents. Other beaches were a little too rough for my parents, but Mġarr ix-Xini never disappoints, and it was perfectly calm and absolutely beautiful. I soaked in every second of the feeling of the water on my skin and the sun on my face and shoulders, and the gorgeous surroundings (including the lovably loud and complain-y old Gozitans that sat by the sea).

Yesterday, I booked another trip to Malta for the end of October, and I’m already aching to leave. It really sounds like I just want to be in Malta as much as possible (which is 100% true…), but I’ve never appreciated Malta more than when I don’t live there. So maybe this is all for the best.

And Autumn has well and truly begun in Luxembourg and it’s already gorgeous – I can wait for the trees to get browner and crunchier.

Happy Sunday! Off to brunch. :)

Sunday Photo Mishmash: a kitty, and lots of cake

This week, after a final day in Riga, Latvia (including the most delicious cupcake pit-stop ever) (above), I came to Malta for a few days to attend a beautiful wedding (it was so lovely <3) and to dip my entire body vigorously into the sea over and over and over again. <3 Can you tell that I love the sunshine and the sea and Malta in general? Because I do.

I also absolutely adore my cat, Venus. She is a hilarious being, and I wish I could cuddle her every day.

I also spent a lot of time with my best friends this week, even though one of them left for a trip on Friday (boo!) and the other is leaving for a year (A YEAR) to study in London. At least she’ll be closer to me – look forward to several trips to London in this blog’s future.

We went to Flora’s for some cake on Saturday. It was delicious. Mine was the marshmallow sheep cupcake. So sugary. So good.

Hope everyone has a great week.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: Latvia edition

We went on a little trip to Latvia this week. It’s such a beautiful country. Riga, the capital city, is particularly charming, and the food we’ve eaten is some of the best ever.

For example: these rabbit and foie gras rillettes were absolutely exquisite. One of the best dishes I’ve ever eaten.

Look at the pretty city centre!

I had pigeon last night. It was… interesting.

But, as usual, everything was eclipsed by a visit to the seaside. It was so beautiful. Why aren’t Latvian beaches raved about more often? Perfect fine sand, kilometres upon kilometres of beach, and great facilities. Pity there was a massive infestation of jellyfish.

Latvia is highly recommended. Happy Sunday!

Sunday Photo Mishmash: brunch, Foals, and Maltese Victory Day

This week was lovely – lots of work but lots of downtime too. I had a little brunch with my good friend Valentina on Tuesday, and attended a very surreal Maltese Victory Day party at the European Commission on Wednesday.

Last night (after a day at IKEA – so tiring), we went to a Foals concert. IT WAS SO GOOD. The vocalist sure loves to jump off of balconies (WITH HIS GUITAR) into the crowd… Crazy amazing.

Have a great Sunday.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: the library, the Schueberfouer, the biggest cat

This has been a very good week. One of the best this year – and not much happened! But it was just chilled and included a lot of steady work and delicious food (of course) (although, for once, there are no photos of food in my mishmash).

Above: I finally got myself a library card here in Luxembourg and now I have ALL THE BOOKS. (That’s the cathedral, and the library right next to it.)

Below: the 675th edition of the Schueberfouer (a massive funfair) in Luxembourg City. So much food and lights and fun.

The highlight of my week: yesterday evening we went to a lovely birthday BBQ where I met the BIGGEST BLACK CAT IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD. I love him. I played with him and cuddled him and rubbed his belly all.night.long. 

Hope everyone has had a marvellous week, and do have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday Photo Mishmash: my framed 1897 map <3

I wrote a legal history thesis last year. My time period focused on 1887-1903, and my boyfriend lovingly married my love for that period of history with my love for maps, and gave me a map of Malta (and Valletta) from an 1897 atlas for Christmas. It’s perfect, but it’s been stuck in a cardboard envelope for months and months. UNTIL THIS WEEK, when he (again, lovingly) got it specially framed for me. It looks extra perfect now, and it makes us both so happy to see it up on the wall.

Have a happy Sunday.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: I AM A CYCLING QUEEN

It’s official. I’m a cycling queen.

… Which means that I’ve been out cycling for a few times and the cycling confidence course actually worked. I’m feeling so good on my bike, even though I yelp any time my wheels get caught in a pothole or against a pavement, and I look ridiculous with my fluorescent pink vest and my very-unsexy helmet. But it’s been glorious to cycle, mostly on cycle paths along the Alzette river and through forests. It’s my new favourite pastime.

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: Malta in July in several pictures

Beware: this post is going to be quite a photo-heavy Sunday Photo Mishmash. Strap yourself in, and let’s go!

Above: we flew directly from Luxembourg to Malta this time, and stopped in Zurich. We were clearly in Switzerland, as you can see.

Below: on my first morning back in Malta, my Mum and I had a lot of wedding-related errands to run, which we sorted in record time, so we treated ourselves to a very fancy lunch (I had oysters and Prosecco, and an aljotta – Maltese fish soup).

That evening, I was reunited with my two best friends (AKA kick-ass lawyers, AKA the best people on the planet, AKA possibly the best people in the universe), who I had already seen the previous evening when they had greeted me at the airport(!!). We met up with another lovely friend, Alex, and had several giant glasses of Aperol Spritz.

I should clearly be paid several sums of money for my most effective Aperol Spritz product placement.

The following morning, on Saturday, we had a giant lunch of delicious pancakes and fancy milkshakes, and then trudged through the hot and heavy Maltese sun to sort out a bunch of bridal shower preparations (including the purchasing of All The Drinks, the baking of scones, and the making of my most famous summer feta lemon dip).

That evening, my boyfriend and I went out for a fancy dinner in Valletta. The food was good, but the service ranged from lovely to downright rude (when some of the restaurant staff markedly ignore me in favour of launching their attention towards my male companion… yeah, no.). Probably won’t go there again.

The bridal shower that I organised was a roaring success, and I’m so happy and pleased about it. I just think back to that night and see a lot of smiling, laughing faces (best of which was the bride’s!) and feel most content.

Posting the screenshot below now feels a little strange, mostly because we were out in Luxembourg last night and I was downright chilly, and because the temperature in Malta this weekend has been about the same as it was in the screenshot below, only with about 88% humidity. Ouch. It was still hugely hot though.

Last week, I hosted a little BBQ at my house, and we had a great time munching on sausages (pink sausages are my absolute favourite) and taking instax photos.

On Wednesday, while in Malta, my two best friends and I went on an all-day boat trip around parts of Malta, Gozo and Comino. It was splendid. We had delicious swims and ate a lot of ice-cream and slushies (well, I did), and became quite sunburnt (at least, I did – even though I spent so much time applying sunscreen! UGH.).

Look at that sea <3

On Saturday, post-wedding, I headed off to Gozo with my two best friends. We had a lovely lunch, including some sparkling wine.

My lunch included the meeting (and eating) of a new friend. (So delicious.)

Then, in the evening, we were joined by two other friends for a Very Nice Dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Patrick’s. I drank Pimm’s, and had pulpetti (fish patties), pork belly, and chocolate fondant (obviously).

Then, on Sunday morning, I finally went to a (relatively) new cafeteria in Naxxar. Everyone, Flora’s is so worth the hype. Everything was delicious, unpretentious, and so pleasant. I wish I could go there every week. (I had cinnamon French toast and a hazelnut iced coffee, while my boyfriend had a peanut butter milkshake with cinnamon roll ups.)

Later, on Sunday, we went for a dip in my favourite sea (my last sea-swim for a while). :'(

And then, on Monday, we headed back to Luxembourg. My lovely friend Valentina thankfully hoisted me out of my post-Malta slump on Wednesday when she invited me along to a guided tour of a MUDAM exhibition. It was really fascinating, and I’d love to go again and explore more of the exhibits.

Phew – that was a long one! Hope everyone has had a great few weeks, and will have a fantastic week and August. :)