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Sunday Photo Mishmash: cycling school, a giant corgi, and bridal shower preparations

I’ve been a little sick this week, unfortunately, but I’m hoping to get back to 100% health by the middle of this week, when we’re off for a long-ish stay in Malta, for a family wedding (more on that below). I’ve also started a cycling confidence course here in Luxembourg, which is for adult beginners or people who are just scared of cycling most of the time (I fall into the latter category). It’s been a very gradual course, but I can feel my confidence growing already… We’ll have a few more lessons this week, and then I can’t wait to go out with my bike more often.

Below – one of my favourite online purchases. I was having a bit of a down day last week, and I indulged in a little retail therapy, and it couldn’t have been a more perfect purchase – this guy is huggable, hilarious, and so soft. (And larger than I could have ever imagined.)

And the final photo from this week: it’s one week to go till the bridal shower for my boyfriend’s brother’s fiancée. I’m the maid of honour, and it’s been a lovely few months, organising the whole thing. I might have purchased the entirety of HEMA, and I have so many activities and delicious things planned. And then it’s the wedding! So much excitement…

Have a great week.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: festival goodness

These past two weekends have been all about music festivals. Last week, we went to Rock Werchter in Belgium. It was spectacular. I’m still not a fan of camping in a field with thousands of rowdy festival-goers, but the music was just so top-notch… it was hugely worth it. This weekend, it’s Rock-a-Field, in Luxembourg! The highlights have been Bastille on Friday (so good!) and Kate Tempest yesterday (OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD good – where do I sign up to follow this woman to the ends of the Earth?). Tonight, it’s Alt-J and Muse (again!). I’m ecstatic, and a little exhausted. Cheese alert: music is one of the things I live for.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: Slash and Luxembourg-themed cake

It’s been quite a week (and next week is going to be much more manic – we’re off to Rock Werchter!!). We had a lovely Monday afternoon date this week, with the most delicious hot chocolates and delicious Luxembourg-themed cake. (It’s the National Day this Tuesday!)

We also went to a Slash concert this week, and it was SO GOOD. I had so much fun. We also went to a Katzenjammer concert this week, and they are seriously my new favourite band. They’re SO talented, and they play a bunch of different instruments and their songs are a mixture of different genres. So much fun.

Lots of work and French this week. And a veggie lunch (this hazelnut burger is amazing).

Today is a chilled Sunday, with bad weather here in Luxembourg. Let’s hope there’s nice weather in Werchter next week!

Have a lovely Sunday.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: heaven in Malta and Luxembourg

Heaven Number 1: being by the beach in Gozo, reading a book, chatting to my two best friends, after having eaten a giant lunch and later hopping into the sea for a swim. Pure. Bliss.

Heaven Number 2: Going to an audition and doing really well, hopping off the bus and into a beautiful park in the middle of Luxembourg City, lying on the grass with a good book, and then meeting my wonderful boyfriend who brings a cold bottle of Cava and jam jars. And then we got pizza al fresco. What is life.

Hope everyone has been loving their lives lately. Happy Sunday evening :)

Sunday Photo Mishmash: work hard, play hard

What an absolutely wonderful week. I’ve felt so good and so productive, while taking plenty of time off for adventures and day trips in the countryside. We visited Vianden (gorgeous!!) and Mullerthal (above) with our friend Anke, who was visiting, and we had such a lovely time in nature and exploring castles and seeing giant trees up close! I also saw red slugs for the first time ever – I never knew that slugs came in a red variation – but Anke, who is German, assures me that they’re super common in this part of the world. I have too many photos of red slugs now. Fascinated.

We also (obviously) ate a lot of amazingly delicious food, including Flammkuchen, which is an Alsatian dish (which I am slightly obsessed with now). The one below was a very fancy one, with goat’s cheese and pear. I could eat them all day, every day.

Apart from the travelling and exciting trips, I also got a lot of work done this week, and it’s been a particularly enjoyable week, with lots of super-interesting text to work on. I’m also very excited about ordering a new laptop (long overdue – I’m sure you can currently hear my laptop’s fan, wherever you are), which should arrive in just over a week.

I also attended the most beautiful wedding of my Italian friend Valentina this week – which was such a treat. As I said, it’s been a fantastic week.

Hope everyone is having a splendid Sunday!

Sunday Photo Mishmash: Back in Luxembourg!

What a week! We’re back in Luxembourg and it’s been lovely. I took up a bunch of stuff in my suitcase – it was terribly heavy. Thankfully, my boyfriend has more muscle mass when it comes to these things, because otherwise I might still be at the airport, dragging it along at a snail’s pace.

It’s been very good to be back at our humble abode. The weather is warmer, but it’s still been raining pretty much constantly.

This little print (from A Beautiful Mess Happy Mail) that has been brightening up my office.

We watched Still Alice at the cinema last night – it was monumentally good. I ugly-cried for a good portion of the evening. Julianne Moore is amazing. All the feels.

This evening, our dearest German friend Anke will be visiting over from Canada for a few days! It’s going to be great. Now, back to work.

Happy Sunday!

Sunday Photo Mishmash: making chocolate, beautiful skies, Indian food

What a week. Lots of work, I made a pie (too much work… but it really was delicious), and beautiful skies (like the one above).

I also “made” chocolate this week, which actually only involved melting a bar of chocolate and adding cranberry bits and sea salt. Delicious. Please also enjoy one of my birthday cards, featuring my wonderful cat, Venus.

Yesterday, we went to a favourite (it’s becoming a firm favourite) Indian restaurant for lunch, next to the Gare. Delicious naan bread (that feels more like cake than bread <3) and amazing curry (look at the cherry on top of mine!).

Now I’m about to have some leftovers for Sunday lunch – happy Sunday!

Sunday Photo Mishmash: MY BIRTHDAY (and Pretzel Sunday)

It was my 26th birthday this week, but first, it was Pretzel Sunday (or Bretzelsonndeg) – where David went out and bought me a giant pretzel cake of sugary almond-y heaven. Yum.

As already discussed, my birthday was Fantastic this year, and my boyfriend surprised me with several excellent gifts, including the leather jacket I’ve been wanting for weeks (and have needed for years…), a beautiful book (which I’ve already read – it’s EXQUISITE) and train tickets to Metz, a gorgeous city in France.

My boyfriend popped over to the boulangerie around the corner for some tasty breakfast, while I got ready.

We headed towards Metz (while marvelling at the beautiful river in Thionville) and had the most spectacular day of sightseeing and walking and enjoying the architecture and All.The.Things. We had lunch at a super-fancy restaurant (where they SPRINT towards your chair after you’ve been to the bathroom so that they can open it out for you. Ridic.) which has a Michelin Star. Oh yeah. Treat.Yo.Self.

It was an excellent day. And then, when we got home, I found a giant bouquet of beautiful flowers from my parents, which have been brightening up my life ever since.

I’m already super-excited about celebrating my birthday again (a little belatedly) in Malta in a few weeks’ time. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday – don’t forget to recharge!

Sunday Photo Mishmash: an amazing food week, and Postmodern Jukebox

It’s been a week full of great food. On Sunday, we visited my new favourite restaurant in Luxembourg, and I was treated to a complimentary glass of champagne due to it being Women’s Day. I then had the most delicious steak tartare, and the meal ended with a heavenly chocolate fondant.

We went to a fancy burger place this week too, where I had an egg in my burger (and crispy onions… mmmm).

We saw Postmodern Jukebox this week – they were spectacular.

Portuguese paella!

Yesterday we spent another Saturday at IKEA, but now we’re inching closer to having a “real home”. And I have enough candles to last a lifetime (or at least a couple of months). Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! I’m excited about having booked flights back home to Malta for April, and we’re going to see a band called The Subways tonight.

Sunday Photo Mishmash: Luxembourgish sunsets and Enid Blyton in French

This was quite a quiet week, but with a lot of film-watching at the Luxembourg City Film Festival. I had two more French lessons, finished some proofreading jobs, and can’t believe it’s only a week and a half until it’s my birthday. There were some absolutely gorgeous sunsets to be seen this week, like the one above. <3

I bought an Enid Blyton book in French this week, so that I can read something (relatively) simple and familiar. It’s such a lovely edition, and very amusing to read.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!