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Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (John’s)

Today we have a special TILT, from the one and only John. He’s been a lovely friend to me over the past few years, and some of you probably know him from TV (ooooh – a celebrity on my blog!). He’s also been a very sweet supporter of my blog and my TILTs, so it’s my absolute pleasure to have let him compile his own list of things he loves and appreciates this week.

  • Okami! My little Shiba boy!
  • Sparta, Athena and Leila! My 3 cats.
  • My nephews and niece
  • Peep Show (series addiction galore)
  • Manchester United
  • Gaming
  • Pejx
  • Joe Abercrombie
  • Football Forum
  • My colleagues
  • The Pub
  • Adventures with Phil!
  • The Brimmers
  • Last but not least, the people that helped pick me back up after these two years, the people I consider my family and my everything: my friends and the ones I love. Thank you so much for being there, you are awesome and amazing people.

Things I Love Thursday

Brunch at Kathy’s, Luxembourg City

  • A delicious brunch with some lovely women
  • A great evening of pizza and wine and conversation (and a baby falling asleep on me)
  • Celebrating a friend’s birthday
  • Cake
  • Yoga
  • Bowling, air hockey, and table soccer
  • Watching a bunch of the Oscar-nominated films (I’m trying to watch as many as possible, like last year)
  • An evening out with two lovely ladies, including the wonderful carrot cake from Konrad’s, and going to Beet for the first time (had an absolutely heavenly tart, but it barely kept me full for two minutes)
  • Contacting old friends
  • Bastille
  • Reading a few great/amusing books: The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up, Fucking Apostrophes, Let Them Eat Chaos.
  • Dreaming about adopting a perfect puppy
  • Feeling good mentally even though I’m a bit sick this week physically
  • Skype sessions with my parents
  • A Skype call with one bestie and then a call to watch Grey’s with my other bestie (heaven)

Things I Love Thursday

At the Jardin des Tuileries

  • A super super lovely weekend in Paris with three wonderful Italian women
  • Make-up
  • Shopping (so much shopping)
  • A new bag
  • Crepes
  • Boulangeries
  • The Orangerie museum
  • Sunshine
  • Falling snow
  • Discovering a great Greek restaurant in Luxembourg City
  • Yoga
  • Working on a train
  • Sushi
  • Women’s Marches
  • A new mousepad at work

Things I Love Thursday

  • YOGA. Free sessions are offered several times a week at work and I might be getting (happily) obsessed.
  • Hot chocolate
  • The little marshmallows you can put in hot chocolate
  • Photos of our little nephew – how do they never get old?? I woke up this morning and turned to Dave and demanded to be shown the most recent photos of him. I love the little guy so much.
  • Weather warnings that don’t amount to much apart from very cold noses
  • Driving in the snow/ice and seemingly coping
  • Buying workout-wear that’s nice
  • An absolutely beautiful meal at some beautiful friends’ house
  • English breakfast for dinner
  • All the Light We Cannot See – my current read, which I’m LOVING
  • A surprise pizza dinner with an old friend/colleague of my boyfriend
  • Solving problems
  • Sunset being sliiiiightly later every day

Things I Love Thursday

Lunch on Monday of last week, at Rising Sun in Marsaxlokk. Best Pasta Octopus you’ll ever have.

  • Snow
  • Buying a TV!
  • Cooking
  • My boyfriend’s beautiful cooking
  • Using Christmas presents
  • Meeting another dog adopted from Malta
  • A bedroom picnic
  • Animal Farm
  • Writing out some resolutions and feeling good about them
  • Watching Arrival (weird.)
  • Being competent (at least some of the time)
  • Eating raclette
  • A lovely dinner in a lovely house with a lovely dog
  • LUSH
  • The documentary Food Coop
  • A great evening with Sunny
  • Printed-out photos
  • Cold-pressed juice

Things I Love Thursday

Close to Wied iż-Żurrieq

This is a bit of a bittersweet TILT. After a tough couple of months, 2016 had turned out to be a pretty spectacular year. Until last Thursday, when my dear work mentor and colleague, Ruben, died in a very tragic and sudden accident. We’re all still in shock, and returning to work has been quite hard. However, Ruben was nothing if not jovial, so a TILT is definitely fitting.

  • The last days of work before the holidays
  • Malta Malta Malta
  • Chapel-hunting with my bestie across Malta
  • A hike to Fomm ir-Riħ
  • Swimming THREE TIMES while in Malta (glorious, invigorating)
  • The support of family and friends and colleagues
  • Driving safely to and from Brussels
  • Restaurants in Malta: Zero Sei, Rising Sun, Capistrano <3
  • Getting a helix piercing
  • My wonderful boyfriend
  • My baby nephew who is more perfect than ever
  • Christmas and New Year’s Day
  • The annual re-watch of Love Actually (this time with pastizzeria pizza and pastizzi)
  • Rob Harbour live in Malta
  • Nudging my friend to get a bra fitting (which she did, yay!)
  • Letting go
  • A wonderful housewarming & birthday party
  • Pregnancy news from some friends! Squeeeee!
  • Slow evenings doing easy housework/admin at home (usually while Dave cooks and with a podcast episode on)
  • A lovely NYE
  • My besties, Anna and Annie, who are everything
  • Finding out that my cat (who is almost 12) scores a 9/10 in health
  • A wave ring
  • Ruben, and the two months he spent mentoring me, and the lovely person he was

Things I Love Thursday

  • Driving to France on a whim and enjoying the best chocolate fondant ever
  • Wrapping gifts
  • Writing Christmas cards
  • Christmas chocolate
  • The Crown
  • The Young Pope
  • Westworld
  • Getting better after being sick at the weekend
  • Going to an escape room for the first time
  • Mulled wine
  • My boyfriend making me dinner
  • A random fancy lunch on a weekday
  • A mega sushi lunch outing with colleagues
  • Cat gifs
  • Starling murmurations
  • Milk and Honey
  • A deconstructed lasagna with chestnuts and lobster
  • Sweet avocado mousse for dessert (weird but heavenly)
  • Watching a friend graduate via a livestream online
  • A new desktop wallpaper for my monitors at work
  • The Being Boss podcast

Things I Love Thursday

  • Another office bake sale
  • Those cupcakes by the wonderful Donna
  • Proofreading
  • A quick trip to London to see my bestie graduate Master of Laws
  • Dishoom
  • Paperchase
  • A quick trip to Wesel, Germany, to visit a friend and her super lovely family
  • Dogs that let me pet them
  • Walking another dog (called Clooney) at an animal shelter in Luxembourg who was SO CUTE
  • New books
  • Wine
  • Visiting Cologne
  • Visiting the Cochem Christmas market
  • Buying a tonne of weird liqueurs (pannacotta forever)
  • The British Library
  • New earrings
  • Christmas celebrations and parties and drinks
  • Possibly feeling the most content I’ve ever been in my whole life
  • Buying and giving special gifts
  • Podcasts on Soundcloud

Things I Love Thursday: Guest Edition (Malcolm’s)


I have a much-awaited Guest TILT for you today. The incredible Malcolm Galea (altogether now: OOOOOH!) has been one of the biggest fans of my Things I Love Thursday posts, and I’m so honoured and pleased that he’s sharing his very own TILT list today. I’ve known Malcolm for several years now, and some of my fondest memories of him include him asking me to be in a play he wrote (Revenance!), rolling my eyes at his terrible, terrible jokes, and spending time with him, his ridiculously-clever and beautiful wife, and his adorable boys. I’m especially pleased that he’s taken the “spirit” of the TILT so seriously, as you can see:

  • People that don’t sound like they look
  • Valletta at any time of day or night
  • The glorious roar of an audience’s laughter
  • The internal click when a story you’re writing suddenly falls into place
  • Nocciola ice-cream
  • American soft rock from the late 90s (Matchbox Twenty, Sister Hazel, Sugar Ray, Fountains of Wayne, Vertical Horizon, etc…)
  • Picking my boys up from school
  • Printing out a finished play and pretending that I’m writing it really, really quickly. And backwards.
  • Long Conversations
  • My wife’s laugh
  • Comic timing
  • Answering my children’s myriad questions (and secretly looking up the ones I don’t know)
  • Pandemic – the board game
  • Obi Wan Kenobi
  • Bridges
  • Buskers
  • Having lots and lots of work to do (but not at the present moment)

I love it. Thanks so much, Malcolm!

Things I Love Thursday


  • Gratitude gratitude gratitude
  • Feeling productive + useful at work
  • Christmas markets
  • Serenity training
  • Proofreading
  • Happy coincidences
  • Seeing my Christmas market bestie Tiara again!
  • The International Bazaar in Luxembourg
  • Wine and cheese evenings with my boyfriend
  • A really lovely evening with a friend and wine and Netflix
  • Singing
  • Bake sales
  • Baking
  • Christmas market fun with two beautiful women
  • LUSH baths aaaaaaaaaa
  • Reading
  • Writing about books as Christmas presents
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
  • Cinema popcorn
  • Grocery shopping in Germany
  • Pizza and wine and beautiful conversation