Ginger syrup: the perfect accompaniment to pancakes.

Who loves ginger? It’s one of those almost “magical” ingredients that promises to cure upset stomachs and sore throats, while also accompanying meals from sushi to desserts. I was contacted by a company called The Ginger People (excellent name) and they offered to send me a selection of their products. They kindly sent a giant box full of ginger goodies – and I was seriously impressed. My fear was that things would either be too strong or else taste bland and artificial, but these people really do know how to do ginger right. It’s all fantastic – I started by chilling and sipping on the truly soothing Ginger Soother drink, and I packed a couple of the Arjuna Ginger bars in my bag (these were just the right amount of strong – they pack a punch but won’t make your eyes water). They also sent super high-quality minced ginger and pickled sushi ginger (none of that super-processed pink stuff).

And then we get to my two ultimate favourite products (even though the ginger bars and the ginger soother were close contenders). First of all, I had placed the crystallised ginger box at the back of my cupboard – not thinking I would really ever use it. HOWEVER – I recently read the back of the box and it suggested that the crystallised ginger can be enjoyed as a post-meal nibble, and it’s totally settled my stomach after heavy meals (and it’s the perfect sweet treat). Then, the real star (in my humble opinion) of this product range is that ginger syrup. Just pour it on top of fresh pancakes and transport yourself straight to heaven. Just the right balance of ginger and sweetness – beautiful. Very highly recommended.

Most of their products are also gluten free, which is handy for a bunch of people I know, as well as vegan. In Belgium, they are also stocked at several health-food shops (check out www.gingerpeople.eu). Thankfully, their products are also available on Amazon. Please let me know if you manage to try them out – especially when it comes to that heavenly ginger syrup.

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