I’m in Luxembourg!

I’m here! I’m in Luxembourg City, and it’s so cold.

I arrived on Saturday night, and my boyfriend and I moved into our (very unfurnished) flat straight away. We went to an Italian restaurant for dinner, and were lucky enough to have the company and assistance of a Maltese friend to pick us up from the train station and drive us around for urgent little errands.

First 48-hour observations:

  1. It’s cold. It feels like Iceland-cold. My face hurts sometimes. If my fingers aren’t in gloves, the bones start to hurt almost immediately. I need my thermal long-sleeved vest. Sitting on bus stops and waiting for buses isn’t unbearable, but it’s very cold.
  2. They use so many different languages here. I’ve heard Luxembourgish, Italian, French, English, and (possibly) German. Mostly French, though. (Phew.) We heard mass yesterday and it was half in Luxembourgish and half in French, and included songs in German (I think – it might have been Luxembourgish), French, and English (OH HAPPY DAY).
  3. I still need to register as a resident. I still need a bank account. I still need a mobile phone line. Aaaaaaargh.
  4. HEMA is a lovely shop with a lot of pretty things. Saturn is an electronics-type shop with ALL THE MOST EXCITING ELECTRONICS EVER, I WANT EVERYTHING.
  5. Furniture-shopping is daunting. We haven’t bought anything yet (although we really, really need a table and a couple of chairs). (We’re using a couple of borrowed stools, and a box as a table, and our air-mattress, and we have a wardrobe which we bought from the previous tenants.)
  6. I really want to adopt a cat. A really old, lazy one. I should probably give it a few weeks/months (to make sure that I’m sticking to this country for a while, and won’t be abandoning any animals), but there are so many cats-in-windows around our flat, and I’m aching for a little furry friend that we can rescue.
  7. Our apartment is really well connected when it comes to buses – and I’m so thankful for that. It’s very easy to get around, and there are several bus stops nearby.
  8. This place is so expensive. Everything seems to be double the cost you’d pay in Malta. For example, a plate of pasta at a regular restaurant is 13-18EUR, and a day bus ticket is 4EUR. No wonder the salaries are so high here.
  9. I’m very scared about life here, but I’m also very excited about all the new opportunities and possibilities.
  10. I think I’m going to like the shops here – especially the supermarkets (casual Foie Gras sections in the fridges…). (Also: H&M, Sephora, and LUSH. a 15-minute walk/bus-ride away.)

More updates, soon!

21 thoughts on “I’m in Luxembourg!

  1. clairebonello Post author

    Thanks, Cherise!! :) I’m still very panicky because there are SO MANY UNKNOWNS – but the place is lovely and I’m more excited than panicky right now. x

  2. Adriana

    Love HEMA! And their food/goodies section is surprisingly good considering how cheap everything is! I agree about getting the cat ;) it’s always nice to have that extra company. Goodluck with the rest of the settling in! Xx

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Adriana, my love!! Thanks for your lovely comment :) Yes – the cat is a must, I feel. :D And I haven’t looked at the HEMA food/goodies section properly yet! I’ve focused on their home stuff and stationery for now – but I did spot a box of fortune cookies that I desperately need… Definitely can’t wait to spend some more time in that shop :D

  3. Ibtisam

    I love HEMA – we have it here too (Amsterdam). I got the most gorgeous, hugest, cutest bell for my bike. <3

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Aaaa, that sounds so promising! I can’t wait to go back and spend lots of time going through all the sections :D

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Thanks so much! :) It’s a beautiful place, and it’s very exciting to be in the middle of Europe all of a sudden – everything feels like a mere train-ride away :D

  4. Corie Bratter

    Welcome! I used to live in Milan, where prices are the same than here and the salaries are ten times lower… so I think the idea of being “expensive” really depends from the Country where you come from. Pay attention for the pet: if you live in Luxembourg city it is possible that your building rules forbid to keep a pet in the flat as well as your rent contract. We wanted a dog and in fact we could buy it for this reason!


    1. clairebonello Post author

      Hi Corie! Thanks so much for commenting and for your welcome – I love the food posts on your blog. :)

      Yes – expensive does depend on the country! It’s just a little shock for me at the beginning though, being used to things being so much cheaper. Milan must have been a nightmare though, with such a disparity when it comes to salaries.

      Regarding the pet, our rental contract thankfully allows them, with consent of our landlord, and it says that this consent can’t be withheld without a valid reason, and we’d only want a lazy quiet cat :) But we’ll see. x

  5. lariviererose

    Welcome to Luxembourg!
    I hope you’re not too scared, and yes you are right it’s really cold, but it’s winter. In summer it will be sunny and hot.
    In Luxembourg city the pasta is a little expensive, if you need a restaurant tip, don’t hesitate to ask me. Or if you need anything else.
    I’m Sarah Mignani, 30, I was born in Luxembourg and I think I could show you the real face of the country, don’t hesitate to ask me.

    See you,


    1. clairebonello Post author

      Thanks for your lovely comment, Sarah! :) Everything is a little daunting right now, especially since I know absolutely no German or Luxembourgish, and very little French, but I’m very excited to settle in more over the next few weeks (even if it is chilly January!).
      What would your top affordable restaurant recommendations be please? :) I live in Bonnevoie, but suggest anywhere around the city!

      1. Corie Bratter

        Ehi Claire, sorry If I jump in in the conversation, but we also live in Bonnevoie: the cheapest and yummiest options there are: Atelier Del Gusto, that is just in front of last bus 6 stop, as Italian. There is the Thai Cafe’ next to the new Cactus, it is not my favorite options but many people loves it. I also like the Bay of Bengal Indian just behind the Passerelle. Try also the Bouneweger Stuff – it is a bar/lounge, they have lovely products and they also do brunches on Sunday!

        1. clairebonello Post author

          YUM! Thanks for all the lovely tips – I’m definitely going to give these a try :) The Indian sounds especially exciting.

  6. Laurent Thiry

    Hello and welcome to Luxembourg :)
    If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask!

    You should definitely visit an “Exki” soon – there are two of them in the city. Just delicious!

    (Oh, and talking about the winter: 2014 was the warmest year in Luxembourg since the recordings started, sooooo… :D )


    1. clairebonello Post author

      Thanks for the welcome and the lovely comment! :) :)
      I will definitely look out for an Exki! Thanks for the recommendation. xx

  7. Ariane Glover

    Hello and welcome to Luxembourg!

    It’s nice to read your first impressions. If you need any help don’t hesitate to ask!
    And yes, it’s really cold at the moment in Luxembourg but spring & summer will be beautiful.

    If you’re looking for some decorations for your flat you could always go to “Maison du monde” which is located at the Gare.


    1. clairebonello Post author

      Hi Ariane!

      Thanks for your lovely comment and your welcome :) I can’t wait for spring in Luxembourg! Winter to me is already very beautiful (especially since it’s weather that I’m not used to), but spring will definitely be gorgeous.

      Thanks for the Maison du Monde suggestion! I’ve already peeked in and bought a beautiful cushion :) I must go back and buy more pretty things.

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