July 2015 Favourites <3

Favourites time! I spent such a beautifully-large chunk of July in Malta, so I could just shorten this month’s favourites post to “Malta”, and we could be done. But let’s elaborate a bit more, shall we…

Pictured favourites:

  • Giant corgi plushie – this was an online purchase I made during a bit of a down day, and it was possibly one of the best things I’ve ever bought. LOOK AT HIM. <333
  • Fujifilm Instax wide 210 camera – possibly my favourite purchase of the year. I originally bought this camera for a bridal shower I was organising… but then I quickly became addicted. It’s not as adorable as the little instax cameras, but the photos are so much larger and more beautiful (and the camera was actually a little cheaper than the more “pretty” instax cameras).
  • Me, as a maid of honour, in doll form! – one of the bride’s aunts made dolls of the bride, the groom, and me, and the bride and groom gave me the doll of me as a gift. It’s so beautifully made, and makes me happy and emotional every time I look at it (it’s now on my desk, resting on my Maltese-English dictionaries). <3
  • Benefit Coralista blusher – a classic favourite blusher for me, and I’ve just hit pan on it too, so I’m suddenly all worried about its life-span. I’ve used it for absolute months (probably over a year) on a very regular basis, though, so it’s definitely been more than worth its price tag. I would say it’s the perfect shimmery glowy blusher shade.
  • Benefit Roller Lash mascara – I sneakily pawed through the bottom drawers of a Sephora store in Luxembourg and found one of these (it’s been sold out everywhere for such a long time!), and it’s been a wonderful lifting mascara. I wish it was more volumising, but it’s still a firm favourite.

Other favourites:

  • Malta – have I mentioned that I simply adore my home country?
  • Food at Sammy’s – this restaurant is AMAZING. Go there if you haven’t been there yet. And ask for a tasting menu. Oh. My. They also very easily cater for vegan and vegetarian diets. Although I was like: please feed me anything and everything.
  • Attending a cycling confidence course – I can’t wait to put my bike together (it’s still in a box after shipping it from Malta) and hitting the cycle paths of Luxembourg.
  • A family wedding and being a maid of honour – and organising the bridal shower, of course. It was an overwhelming, absolutely beautiful wedding week.¬†Everything was so much fun and such a great success.
  • Work has (thankfully) been slower over the past month, after the non-stop months of April, May and June, but it’s slowly picking up again, and I’m very excited to be dabbling in some more corporate stuff than usual (although proofreading theses will always be my favourite).
  • Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie – not pictured, because I’ve lent it to my boyfriend’s mother, but this has gone into my favourite books ever list. And Adichie is competing with McEwan (my favourite author) for the favourite author ever position. Ooh er. (Which means that I need to read the rest of her books to make an informed decision.)

Hope everyone had a great July, and that August will be relaxing and beautiful.

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