Lent 2017: Going Without

Lent 2017 starts today, and I’ve always paid reverence to this annual period. A time for reflection, and a time for trying to better yourself (you flawed, sinful human, you). This year, I’m particularly re-evaluating my relationship with food and alcohol.

I love my high-fat, high-carb, (almost) all-sugar diet, but I realise that it is very unhealthy for me. We don’t want heart disease, yo. I’ve increased my vegetable and fruit intake a lot over the past months, but I should still definitely try and limit my intake of “bad” fats and “bad” carbs and piles of sugar (not really, but almost). We’ll see how that goes. I foresee horrid cravings for cheesy pasta.

The main “going without” mission for Lent 2017, however, is alcohol. I have somehow settled into a lifestyle where I drink often, and almost always seek a glass of wine at the end of the day. I don’t have an issue with binge drinking, because I’m perfectly happy with a drink or two, but I am noticing a slight urge sometimes to actually have a drink, whereas before it used to be more of a conscious decision. I hope I’m explaining myself properly. I need to rediscover that that happy “buzz” does not only come from a drink at the end of the day, even if it’s nice to have a good glass of port (mmm).

So Lent 2017 is going to include some better food choices and no alcohol (apart from Sundays and my birthday). Wish me luck.

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