LUSH Oxford Street

LUSH Oxford Street

I visited the LUSH store on Oxford Street, London. It was absolutely mind-blowing. THREE FLOORS of LUSH products and beautiful shop assistants. I spent waahaaay too much time in there, and finally calmed down a little when a shop assistant called Becca asked me whether I was looking for something in particular. So I told her that I just wanted to look at some mostly-Oxford-Street-only products. 30 minutes later, I was armed with a bunch of beautiful products (sadly, my tiny hand-luggage-only travelling situation precluded me from buying much more… Well, there’s always NEXT TIME).

These are the products I picked up:

  • Jersey Bounce shampoo – I haven’t tried this yet, but its smell was too enticing, and I had to buy it. It was described to me as “Like Big” (which I love) “but more moisturising”. Sounds fantastic.
  • T’eo solid deodorant – I’ve actually used this every single day since I bought it. It’s smell wakes me up (in a soothing way) and it seems to do the job perfectly well.
  • Avocado Co-Wash solid shampoo – This is a conditioning shampoo which smells absolutely divine (limey, but very sweet too). It doesn’t lather too well for me, so maybe I’m not using it super correctly, but smells good enough for me to look forward to using it every time I need to wash my hair. Probably wouldn’t re-purchase it, though.
  • Shark-Infested Custard bath oil – I haven’t used this yet, but I really wanted to buy a bath oil, and I asked for the one that’s most moisturising. It looks SO COOL as well. Not recommended for my readers in warm climates, though, unless you’re going to use it immediately (it melts at body temperature).
  • Gold FUN – I had never been too interested in trying LUSH’s FUN bars. They seemed cute for children, but nothing I would probably want to use myself. OH, HOW WRONG I WAS. HOW VERY, VERY WRONG. I am a complete convert – this play-doh-like soap lathers up beautifully and smells so good. It leaves my skin super soft and I’m already planning my next FUN purchase (I’ve already used this one up almost completely).

LUSH products are (clearly) always a good idea. Now I need to use everything up. So that I can buy more LUSH stuff. Oh yes.

2 thoughts on “LUSH Oxford Street

  1. ruxandrasoare

    THREE FLOORS?? this is insane ! I can’t wait to get there! now I”m definitely getting a big luggage :))

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Not just three floors but three MASSIVE floors! It’s amazing. Make sure to take a LOT of luggage, hahaha :)


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