Luxembourg Second/Third Week Update

I’ve been in Luxembourg for almost three weeks now, and it’s time for another update, especially since I’ve had so many new first impressions over the past week.

  1. IKEA! It was our first trip to IKEA a couple of Saturdays ago, and after over 9 hours, we were well and truly pooped. BUT we now have a table and some chairs and I am blogging and working from somewhere other than our air bed. It’s lovely.
  2. Freelance work! After the December drought, it’s definitely deadline season again, and proofreading jobs have been flooding in like crazy. At least I’m earning my keep.
  3. Job hunting! This has been quite crazy over the past week and a half. I’ve gone on a big interview, I’ve met with a local law firm, I’ve worked on my (legal) French. Fingers crossed!
  4. Language! I really need to take formal French lessons, because I hate that most of the French I’m using is simply: Parlez-vous anglais s’il vous plait? And over the past few days I’ve definitely heard an increase of other languages, mostly Luxembourgish and Portuguese. Oh, the confusion.
  5. Washing machine woes! I am notoriously nervous when it comes to using a washing machine, and rightly so, it seems. I washed some towels and dish cloths last week. One of the towels was a new, bright blue one. Everything has a blue tinge now. KMN.
  6. Pet cat update! I haven’t gotten my boyfriend on board regarding my desire to rescue an old lazy cat (yet), but we did buy a pet cactus this week. His name is Clive.
  7. New people! I get anxiety x a million whenever I speak to new people, and over the next week or so I’m “putting myself out there” (although I’m mostly just ridiculously excited about a LUSH bloggers’ event I’m going to in a week’s time).
  8. LUSH – I went to the LUSH shop in the city centre, and it was a seriously magical experience. The lovely lady spoke to me in perfect English and helped me out with all my questions, and wasn’t at all pushy (which would have been a sure-fire way for me to run away). I left with a massive bag of products (at 50% off!!!!!!!!).
  9. Books! I popped into a bookshop a few days ago, and I found a wall covered in English books! It was glorious. I bought The Narrow Road to the Deep North, so so so totally overpriced (about 8EUR over the Book Depository price…), but now it has special sentimental value. so it was worth it.
  10. Trier, Germany! We visited this beautiful city last weekend, and I adored it. I can’t wait to explore more of the region.

So much more adjusting needs to be done, but I’m loving it. IT’S SNOWING SO MUCH RIGHT NOW.

9 thoughts on “Luxembourg Second/Third Week Update

  1. Cherise

    If you have the time to visit a bit more up north, I definately recommend going to Bonn in Germany :)

    Good luck with job hunting! :)

  2. clairebonello Post author

    Thanks for the suggestion! I visited Bonn when I was younger and it’s a great city. Definitely aiming for Berlin soon (history! culture! everything!)

    Thanks for the luck with job hunting too… it’s been quite intimidating, but a great challenge :D Hope you’re well xxxxx

  3. bettyfashionlounge

    I like to read your `fresh in Luxembourg adventures`, they remind me of mine, when I arrived here 2 years ago; we struggled with a washing machine issue too…lol
    By the way, in which bookshop did you find english books?
    See you soon on the lush blogger event!

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Thanks so so much, Betty. I really appreciate your kind comment. The bookshop with the little English section was really close to Notre Dame cathedral… let me see if I can Google the name… ooh, found it on Google Maps! Its name is Ernster. :)
      Can’t wait to meet you at the LUSH event! :)
      Claire x

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