Luxembourg: Two-month update

Yesterday marked my two-monthiversary in Luxembourg. February was a quiet month, but I still had plenty of first impressions of Luxembourg to get under my belt.

  1. Being sick in such a cold country: I spent about a week of February feeling really unwell, and while I didn’t need to go to a doctor (thankfully), it really sucked to have to go outdoors (sometimes it was a necessity) and it being so cold. It really felt like the cold was exacerbating my sickly feelings x100000.
  2. Renting a van is super easy: we rented a van to drive to IKEA in Belgium and back (with all our purchases which fit in perfectly – if we had bought anything else, it wouldn’t have fit), and it was a really easy and pleasant process.
  3. French language lessons: I FINALLY enrolled myself in language lessons, and I’ve had two lessons already. It’s been a lovely experience (I was terrified), and even though I’m a little below the level of what I probably should be for my class (B1.1 – I’m more of an A2.2 right now), the person who assigned me to the level said it would be better for me, and I am finding it quite a challenge, which is good.
  4. Daily life: While I’ve been finding it difficult sometimes to get some structure in my days, I’m loving the proofreading work that I’ve been doing, particularly since I’ve been doing some really varied work (including websites, text in both Maltese and English, job applications, and legal translations).
  5. The Luxembourg City Film Festival: It has been an amazing few days – watching a film or two every evening at the Luxembourg City film festival. It’s been really nice to go out and watch such beautiful films (mostly), and most of them have been in English or else have English subtitles, which is great. We did have to watch one film in Norwegian with French subtitles… but we seemed to have understood most of it anyway.
  6. Spring: I’m so excited for Spring here! It’s also my birthday just before Spring kicks off, so hopefully there will be a few more beautiful days.
  7. Travel: For my boyfriend’s birthday, we caught a bus and visited a little village on the German-Luxembourgish border, just along the Moselle river. It was so picturesque and lovely – even though it was an awfully rainy day. It’s quite amazing that with a small bus ride, you can find yourself in the midst of beautiful countryside.
  8. Post: I thought that coming to live in the middle of Europe will do wonders for my experience with the postal service. Quite the contrary… Mail has been sooooo slowwwww. I can’t understand why things are taking so long to arrive at our address.
  9. Expensive: It’s still quite shocking every day to see how expensive things are in Luxembourg. Restaurants and even general groceries… I think I might go crazy when I’m back in Malta over the next few months – I’m going to want to buy everything!
  10. Night life: Yes, Luxembourg is quite a quiet little city, but I don’t understand the impression that people have incessantly told me that it is boring and nothing happens. There are so many restaurants, and so many events going on! Maybe my interests align with what Luxembourg City has to offer, but I’m loving it. Exit07 has been a particularly favourite discovery this month.

I’m beyond excited about Spring, and also applying for a couple of internships – hoping to perhaps spend a few months being mentored and developing a few skills… I’m loving working for myself, but I do hope to explore other avenues too. It’s both scary and exciting to have so many possibilities before me. Stay tuned. ;)

12 thoughts on “Luxembourg: Two-month update

  1. Corie Bratter

    Happy to know you still like it after two months! Spring is going to be amazing: hope you won’t miss the Easter Monday in Nospelt (google about it!) and above all the Grand Duke Day – that is so far my favorite night in Luxembourg (22nd June). It is something you should see to trust :P
    I think regarding the price for groceries and restaurants you should find the best deal: I think in our area Delhaize next to the station is the cheapest shop – together with Auchan. Not sure about prices in Malta, but for main of the things those are the same than in Italy :)


    1. clairebonello Post author

      Corie! :) YES – cannot WAIT for Spring :) And the Grand Duke Day sounds amazing too – can’t wait for that either. Thanks for the cheap grocery suggestions – yes, we do most of our shopping at Delhaize and Auchan – things are just still overall more expensive than Malta :( At least salaries here are much much better than in Malta, so that’s a good thing. :)
      Thanks as usual for your excellent tips :)

  2. My little luxury

    Wow! Two months and already signed up for French classes! I am here now 8 months and still haven’t signed up… Can’t decide if I first want to learn Luxembourgish or French. Nice to read you have the same experience as me about Luxembourg city. So many nice restaurants and there is always something to do!


    1. clairebonello Post author

      Stephanie! I must say, first of all, that I love your blog – it’s so beautiful. I’ve been reading for a few weeks now. :)

      I signed up for French mostly because I quickly became frustrated with not knowing at least one of Luxembourg’s official languages well – and I had learned it at school, so I want to brush it up and improve it as soon as possible. Also, I will probably need it if I ever get a job here, especially one that would require me to understand written French properly. Luxembourgish, though, sounds way too difficult for me! If I’m going to live here on a long-term basis, however, I think I must give it a try.

      Glad you agree that there are lovely restaurants and lots to do – so many people keep telling me that there are “zero” things to do… I think they don’t really open their eyes to the possibilities!

      1. My little luxury

        Oh Claire, thank you for your compliment! You made me blush!
        I inderstand your choice for French very well! I speak english at my job and I am Dutch and Dutch is pretty similar to Luxembourgish. But first I need to find time!

        Bonne change, Claire! ;-)

  3. Betty

    So many adventures in 2 months! I’m sure spring will bring even more fun and activities. Just checked, we’ll have 13-15 degrees next week! Yuhuu

    1. clairebonello Post author

      So exciting!!! Yay, thanks for the good news :) Can’t wait for some fun walks in the countryside :)

  4. Christine

    I am only new to Luxembourg. Really need to start French lessons quick. Any advice on classes, where did you enrol, how much are they? Thank u :)

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Hi Christine! I went with a public institution (after a private company never got back to me…), and it’s been great so far, but the Spring registration is closed, so you’ll have to check whether you can join in (there has only been one week of lessons so far so maybe they’ll let you join in). :)

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