Luxurious skincare by Vichy

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Vichy cosmetics is the type of brand which you find behind a piece of glass on a pristine shelf at fancy pharmacies. I’ve eyed several of this brand’s products, and I was ever so pleased to be able to get my hands on some samples to try out over the past couple of months.

This review will largely focus on a moisturiser and a make-up remover by Vichy.

Vichy moisturiser

The Aqualia Thermal 24hr moisturiser is what really stood out to me from the samples. This face lotion is light, seeps into the skin immediately, and feels like you’ve just had a little spa moment. It’s specifically designed for dehydrated and sensitive skin, and fortified with Vichy mineral spring water, mmm.

Vichy products are quite magical in the sense that they have such a strong, spa-like scent, and yet they’re thoroughly tested in specialist laboratories to be brilliant with sensitive skin. Luckily, my skin isn’t very sensitive, and the Vichy products I tried certainly did not affect it badly, but it was quite impressive to have such strongly scented products working for my skin rather than against it. I’m personally quite a fan of strong scents, so I definitely like the beautifully luxurious smell of Vichy products.

I even have a more mature woman’s review of this product, because I gave another little sample tub for my Mum to try over the past few weeks, and she’s already used it all up with the verdict that it was “amazing” and really “smoothing”. We both loved it, it seems!

Vichy make-up removerThe second Vichy product I liked (not as much as the lovely moisturiser though), was the Pureté Thermale 3-in-1 cleanser, which markets itself as a one-step cleanser which cleanses, tones, and removes make-up (specifically eye make-up) all in one. I wasn’t really sure how to use it – I initially used my fingers to apply it to my damp face but when I tried removing the residue make-up with a cotton pad, the lotion had sunk into my skin and I barely managed to actually remove any make-up. So perhaps I wouldn’t use this to remove all make-up, all over my face. As a softening toner, this was pretty amazing though.

However, I still wanted to see how this would fare as an actual eye make-up remover. So I conducted a little experiment. Here are my eyes with a few coatings of mascara and concealer underneath (after a long day).

Vichy eyes before

And these are my eyes after removing my eye-make-up off the eye on the right hand side of the photo, with the Vichy 3-in-1 cleanser. I used quite a heavy amount, but my eyes did not get bothered or sting. That’s clearly the sign of a high quality product, although it’s important to note that I do think that you have to be quite generous with the amount of product you use.

Vichy eyes with Vichy on one eye

I then removed the make-up on my other eye (on the left of the photo) with my usual eye make-up remover (Bioderma solution).

Vichy eyes with Bioderma on other eye

WARNING: slightly icky photo below. These are the cotton pads I used on my eyes above. The one on the right is the stuff removed by the Vichy product, and the one on the left is the stuff removed by my usual cleansing solution.

Vichy remover cotton pads

The Vichy 3-in-1 cleanser hasn’t stolen the top spot as my favourite eye make-up remover, but its one-stop-shop qualities are very attractive because they offer toning and cleansing properties apart from simple make-up removal. This cleanser is perfect for the mornings, to remove any gunk that built up over the night, and to soften and refresh for your big day ahead.

You can’t really go wrong with Vichy. Unfortunately, I tried out some of the highly-raved-about Vichy Idealia BB Cream, but it really did not work for me (and I had really hoped it would!). It clung to random patches of my skin, and even though I tried it out in a variety of ways (e.g. with/without powder, with my fingers, with a brush, using a lot/a little), it wasn’t a BB cream that I would want to purchase as a full-size product. I’d still recommend that you try it out, though, particularly if you can get your hands on a little sample tube, because it seems to work out exceedingly well for a lot of people, including some of my favourite bloggers (look at that skin!).

Overall, that Aqualia Riche moisturiser was the stand-out product for me (and for my Mum!), and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a long-lasting moisturiser that works well for the day and the night and is fantastic with all sorts of skin types, particularly dehydrated skin.

Now I’ve really got my eye on the Vichy Idealia Life Serum, because I’ve heard such great things. (Unfortunately, this is unavailable in Malta at the moment.) Still, quite a lot of exciting stuff from this brand.