March 2015 Favourites <3

March has gone by in a flash, but it was a very fun month – particularly because it was my birthday. I had a fantastic day, full of surprises and amazing food.

Pictured favourites of the month:

  • New bits from IKEA – I’m perfectly okay with hauling IKEA furniture up two flights of stairs to our apartment, as long as I know that I’ve also managed to purchase a bunch of little IKEA things (which are always so pretty). The little cactus in the tiny purple pot – ugh, so cute. And the two bowls are on my new desk, holding things like washi tape, a USB cable, and other office things.
  • Washi tape – So cute, so fun, and so easy to find in Luxembourg. It’s especially great to stick things to the wall (since they don’t leave any residue or peel off paint). I need a million other patterns.
  • Wild by Cheryl Strayed – I finished this at the beginning of the month, and really enjoyed it – plenty of moments in the author’s journey kept resonating with me after I read about them, and when a book stays with me in that way, I know it’s a good one.
  • Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? by Mindy Kaling – This book is SO GOOD. Such a surprise, because I know very little about Mindy Kaling, but this book had me smiling and thinking throughout. There is a little chapter about how she thinks men are supposed to treat women, which had me wincing a little, but otherwise, it’s a 5 out of 5 stars.
  • Sephora hand cream (Vanilla) – I picked this up because I’ve been wanting a hand cream back in my life for a few weeks now, and it was the cheapest thing I picked up one afternoon… and, oh my, it’s like you’ve just been kneading cake batter that’s doused in vanilla – so yummy.
  • LUSH Pearl massage bar – I’ve been loving massage bars since moving to Luxembourg, and this rose-scented one is quite magical. Leaves your skin feeling super soft, and smells delightful.
  • Galeries Lafayettes figuier candle – Smells amazing, burns nicely, and is much cheaper than super-fancy candles like the ones from Diptyque.

Some other favourites:

  • My new office – I have a big room now as my office, and it’s bright and airy and I’m in love with it.
  • Fresh flowers – my parents sent me a giant bunch of flowers for my birthday, and I love how they look in my office (and, let’s face it, how they make me feel).
  • Melted milk chocolate – I bought some cheap supermarket-brand milk chocolate last week, I heated it up a little in the microwave until it melted, and have been mixing it with wonderful things like cornflakes (the best), cranberries and sea salt (and letting it harden again to make a new and improved chocolate bar), or just leaving it melted in a bowl and eating it with a spoon. Mmhhmmmhmmmm.
  • Proofreading – it’s been a particularly satisfying month for my little proofreading business. I’ve had the pleasure of proofreading some really special pieces of text, and April and May are going to be CRAZY-BUSY.
  • My birthday – it was possibly the best one ever, and since I was so far away from my friends and family, it means I’ll just get to celebrate it again in a few weeks’ time(!!!!) :)
  • Our new mattress – this is making me want to never leave my bed again.
  • Watching some amazing live acts, including The Subways, Postmodern Jukebox, and ENNIO MORRICONE. (That final one was truly special.)
  • The Luxembourg City Film Festival, which I reviewed (at length) here.
  • Lunch with the wonderful Angele – can’t wait to do that again!

April is going to be totally wonderful, I can already feel it. So much is planned: we’re off for an Easter break in Sardinia, Italy, then I’m spending two and a half weeks in Malta (can’t wait!), and I have a TONNE of proofreading work lined up. I just can’t wait to see my parents, friends, cat, and home country! I haven’t really had too much of a problem with homesickness, but now that this long trip is booked, I’m just itching to get back to my favourite splodge of land ever.

Hope everyone has a fantastic April.

2 thoughts on “March 2015 Favourites <3

  1. Angele

    Claire, I was thinking of YOU this morning – we have to organise a lunch/dinner with the boys SOON.. (well after our little trip to Malta, of course!!)

    And I just ordered (impulse buy) the two books above – a little treat to myself:)

    Loving all your posts.

    See you soon?!

    Angele x

    1. clairebonello Post author

      ANGELE <3 You’re so lovely. So glad you bought the books! Hope you like them too. :)
      YES, we must organise a little restaurant visit after our Malta trips – keep in touch so we can do it ASAP.
      Lots and lots of love xx


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