Merry Christmas to my lovely readers (and a Christmas meal idea)

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Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers. I’m grateful for every one of you, and hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I enjoy compiling posts throughout the year. My blog will be three years old on January 1st, which is insane, but also warm and fuzzy and familiar.

On Sunday, I went to a mega Christmastime meal with the paternal half of my boyfriend’s family. As my own offering, I made some from-scratch cranberry sauce to accompany the stuffed turkey main course. It turned out to be quite a success, and only took about 15 minutes of effort (which mostly consisted of rinsing cranberries and gentle stirring). A tip for that recipe: don’t be stingy with the sugar – I even chucked in a few heaped spoonfuls of brown sugar.

Have a lovely few days. :)

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