Moving into the unknown.

Have I mentioned that I’ve never even visited Durham before? Yes, when I move to a new country in a few weeks’ time, I’ll be moving to a completely new place. Which is insane. And a bit (a lot!!) scary.

BUT: everything I’ve heard about Durham thus far has been fantastic. I’ve heard about how beautiful it is, how inspiring the setting is, and that bits of Harry Potter were filmed there. How awesome is it going to be when I step off that train and wander around my new home town for the first time? I’ve traced my future steps with Google Maps Street View, and it’s all so green and gorgeous!

Excitement level: through the ROOF.

3 thoughts on “Moving into the unknown.

  1. selma

    When I first moved to the UK, I had never been there either, and at just 17 I did it on my own and everything was fine! There are so many intl students in the UK, and you start to realise that nobody else knows what they’re doing and everyone is figuring it out as they go along :P

    1. clairecommando

      Thanks for your encouragement Selma :) I’m sure everything will be fine – but ooooh I still get lots of scary feelings. At least I (a) know the language (b) know how to survive (at least, haha). Hope you’re doing well! xx

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