Music Mondays: I start my traineeship tomorrow asjdkpaosdpkds

That title, my friends, conveys an ounce of the feelings that I’m experiencing today. After seven years of university, a job as a lawyer for six and a half months, and 14 months of working from home as a freelancer (in Luxembourg), I’m heading back to a “regular office job” for the next five months. It’s a traineeship at the European Commission as a trainee translator in the (obviously) Maltese department. I’m equal parts nervous and excited. I’m also relieved, because I’ve missed working in an office and feeling like I’m a part of something, and speaking to people/colleagues every day. Then again, the sheer thought of knowing that I’m going to have to fit into a structure (and by “structure” I mean waking up early and having to face people for several hours every day) is exhausting me already. My head is already whirring forward to the end of July, when the traineeship will end – what am I going to do afterwards? On one hand, there’s no possibility that I can just “stay on” at the job, but it might also be a real (and really important) stepping stone in my life/career. THE UNCERTAINTY IS KILLING ME.

And this song is perfect for calming me down. Hope you’re having a happy Monday.

{ Absolutely Free // Beneath the Air }

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4 thoughts on “Music Mondays: I start my traineeship tomorrow asjdkpaosdpkds

  1. En-Du Cam

    Hi Claire,

    A major congrats, I absolutely know the feeling Ive been unemployed for a few months and only just recently managed to make it into paid employment.
    Remember that you are smart and have got the chops to take on any challenge that comes your way in a smart and effective manner.

    If I may give you one small tip, concentrate on excelling at your work place (although I know for certain you will) but also use the time to network and getting to know people and get known by the right people who might be vital for your next step into paid employment.

    Wish you all the best :)


    1. clairebonello Post author

      Aaaa, thanks so much, Andrew, that means a lot! Being unemployed (even though I’ve always been super busy with freelance stuff) has sucked, big time.

      I DEFINITELY need to take your advice on board. I’m going in with the mind-set of being (a) the best trainee they’ve ever bloody had, and (b) being nice and getting to know as many people as possible. (I’m exhausted already just thinking about this, haha.)

      Super glad to hear that you’re in paid employment – hope you’re happy and just keep going onwards and upwards.

      Your message really means a lot, thanks again, Drew. Wish you all the very best too!


  2. sunny

    Wishing you good luck on the new internship :) And I hope it will be a beautiful and productive experience!

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Thanks so much! :) My first day (which was just admin stuff) went really well. :) Very excited for the rest. :)


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