Music Mondays: oh, I wish, for once, to stay gold

It’s been a busy, yet quite happy, week. The weather has been mostly dark, cloudy, and rainy. It’s not very cold anymore, though, so at least going outside doesn’t automatically lead to numb fingers and noses.

We visited a wine fair on Saturday, and tasted plenty of yummy French wine, and then played games and ate vegan food at a lovely party full of Latvian people. We watched The Garbage Helicopter last night (a very strange, very cool, black-and-white Swedish film) and I’ve also been having more rehearsals as performance month draws ever closer.

The feedback from last week’s post has been very touching, and several people (some of whom I haven’t spoken to in years!) have personally reached out to let me know that 1. I should ignore the negativity thrown at me, 2. they’d hate it if I were to stop blogging, 3. I should do whatever the hell I wanted. All very good advice, which I’m trying to take.

I’m trying to flex my creative-writing muscles a bit more (these writing prompts are helpful), reading Le Petit Prince (in French), and watching an anime series, on a friend’s recommendation. And quite a bit of work has come in these past few days, so that’s been keeping me busy too. AND I’ve been exercising a tiny bit each day (10-15 minutes of relatively intense exercise, and 10 minutes of yoga), which seems to be… good for me? I think?

Also: the song above takes me back to sunny summer days with the sun beating down on my cheeks and forearms. Mmm.

{ First Aid Kit // Stay Gold }

{ The playlist. }

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