Music Mondays: Welcome to the inner workings of my mind

Snowflakes are lightly falling outside right now, while my parents are telling me that they’ve been needing to switch on the air-conditioning in the car (it’s 23 degrees in Malta today). I’ve definitely become used to the grey weather here in Luxembourg, but it still sucks to think of sunshine and clear blue skies (even though 23-degree weather in February in Malta is still

My traineeship at the European Commission starts in two weeks. I’m suddenly a little overwhelmed yet excited. I get to put on smart clothes and make-up every day. My proofreading schedule for the next few months is already almost completely full (which is manic), and I’ve got a play to perform in, my parents are visiting in March, there’s the Luxembourg City Film festival next week, I’m going on a trip to Disneyland this Friday… it’s all looking very, very busy already. But I’m going to think that that’s a good thing. Last year, I kept keeping my schedule as free as possible, thinking that I was going to be starting a full-time job semi-soon. Then, that didn’t happen, and I took on more proofreading and translation jobs, but there were still a few weeks last year where things were very quiet, and I just wanted to be busy instead.

Today’s song is weird and great to listen to with your eyes closed, while pumping yourself up to work.

{ MS MR // Hurricane }

{ The playlist. }

2 thoughts on “Music Mondays: Welcome to the inner workings of my mind

  1. sunny

    A trippy video indeed ;) But the song itself is nice.
    So happy for you for all the exciting things :) I LOVE Disneyland, even as an adult. I try to go there every couple of years. Have fun!!! And good luck with the traineeship.

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Thanks so much, Sana! :) I’m still not 100% convinced that I’ll like Disneyland (I’ve been there when I was around 10 years old), but I think that I’ll get into the spirit of things after a Mickey/Minnie ears purchase :P


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