My Favourite Feelings (a taster)

Since my first “My Favourite Feelings” post last week, I’ve received such lovely feedback. Today, I thought I’d kick the blog series off with a little taster, with some of my own favourite feelings. I’ve also thought about perhaps limiting this series to a post every two weeks (instead of once a week), so as to slowly mete out the favourite feeling submissions over a longer period of time (we’ll see how it goes). :) A sneak peek into next time’s post: it’s going to be the parent edition, with some of my beloved parents’ favourite feelings. Very exciting.

Some of my own favourite feelings:

  1. Opening up an email or Facebook message from a proofreading client which contains huge gratitude and praise for my work.
  2. Being on the Gozo ferry on a beautiful day and looking out across the sea and seeing Comino.
  3. When my food arrives at our table at a restaurant and it looks beautiful and delicious.
  4. Being in my friend Annelise’s car during the golden hour with the windows down and the latest song-of-the-moment blaring through the speakers.
  5. Booking plane tickets.

I highly recommend this exercise, because it brings about so much gratitude and smiling. Do let me know your favourite feelings (email me: or message me on my Facebook page), and I’d love to feature them in a future post (you may, of course, remain anonymous if you wish).

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