My Favourite Feelings (Anna’s)

When I first started this Favourite Feelings series, I think my best friend Anna was the first to be excited and to ask to contribute. Once she sent her own list of some of her favourite feelings (below), she said: “That was so much fun. I ended up adding a few and now I want to keep adding to the list forever.” This tends to happen with everyone, and I’m so excited to keep publishing more of my readers’ little (and not-so-little) lists of favourite feelings.

Anna is a kick-ass lawyer, my own personal cheerleader, my hero, always a WhatsApp message or an email away, and the best present-wrapper and card-writer I know. Here are some of her favourite feelings:

  1. Knowing that friends and family, no matter where in the world they are, are an email, call or message away
  2. Taking control
  3. Feeling proud of myself
  4. Being in good company, with food, wine and no commitments the following morning
  5. Overtaking slow drivers hogging the fast lane
  6. Receiving snail mail
  7. Being on time
  8. Suddenly recalling a happy memory
  9. Kicking off my shoes at the end of a long day/night
  10. The excitement of planning trips
  11. Anticipating the luxury of binge reading/watching for a few hours
  12. The satisfaction of a good day’s work, or a job well done, or a little win
  13. Letting go, moving on and being happier for it
  14. Accepting comfort and help, sometimes
  15. Feeling happy, safe and, especially (as he knows), warm in my boyfriend’s arms
  16. Being welcomed home by my pets
  17. Loving and being loved in return

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