My Favourite Feelings (Introduction)

“Don’t get too emotional.”

I tell that to myself a few times a day (at best), usually just as my eyes start welling up with tears. I’m not the best at controlling emotions, mostly because I cry easily – whether it’s in happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, embarrassment, or pride. Then again, I love that I feel my feelings so much. If I’m looking at a beautiful sunset at the end of an exhilarating day, you can bet that I’m fully riding that wave of elation for all it’s worth. If my friends, family, or boyfriend let me know about some of their good news, I soar with punchy, pure happiness for them. It can get difficult when I’m trying to present myself as a professional and competent human being and my passion for something gets in the way, and I start turning red and tearing up with fierceness (I cried during both of my big final oral exams last year. I was 25 years old.). Still, feeling feelings is something that I look at and regard as one of my best traits, so I’m going to keep embracing it. To me, it’s a clear manifestation of how passionate, genuine, alive, and (yes) competent and professional I am and can be.

I saw this vlogbrothers video a few months ago, and after watching several video responses to it, the idea of listing your favourite feelings stayed with me, and wouldn’t let go. It prompted a lot of self-reflection, of course, so I thought about my very favourite feelings, and what makes me really feel good/satisfied/pleased/proud/happy. However, I was also struck with an aching curiosity about what other people’s favourite feelings are – especially when it comes to people I might admire, friends, family members, older people, younger people…

So I decided to start a new blog post series on my blog. Every Tuesday, there will be a new post listing some favourite feelings. They’ll be my favourite feelings, my boyfriend’s favourite feelings, my friends’ favourite feelings, my family’s favourite feelings, and my readers’ favourite feelings. Send me your favourite feelings at (you can remain anonymous if you wish).

Can’t wait for next Tuesday.

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    1. clairebonello Post author

      I totally empathise. But so many people try and make it out to be a fault, when in actual fact it’s the manifestation of what’s best in us :)

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