My Favourite Feelings (Maria’s)


Maria is a lovely reader and friend. She’s helpful, enthusiastic, and oh-so-beautiful. She is also an extra-special fan of my TILT posts, and sent me the most genuine bunch of some of her favourite feelings. It’s going to be in a bit of a different format this time, but I’m sure you’ll love reading them:

I really enjoy looking at photos that bring up old memories – the older the better. Apart from that, sometimes I also get the chance of smelling smells that remind me a lot of my childhood, e.g. those white mothballs remind me of how curious I used to be to try to understand what they were and I would always go and smell them in secret, because Mum wouldn’t let me. Another favourite feelings is when I feel and smell clear water (of Malta) in my hands. It has a particular smell and it also reminds me a lot of childhood – when in summer my brother and I used to go in a sort of small pool in our back garden hihihihi.

Right now I have a coconut candle burning – that’s a favourite as well :) :) hahaha and funnily enough, I also enjoy dipping my finger into the melted wax and then rubbing it between my fingers until it thickens – the end result: a wonderful coconut smell on my fingers. I used to love this, especially when I had a strawberry and a green apple candle to burn!

And I love the decorations, atmosphere, and that ‘let’s unite altogether’ feeling of Christmas.

These were the perfect festive favourites! Please send me your own favourite feelings on


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