My Favourite Feelings (my Dad’s)

My parents know about my blog and, while they are hugely supportive (as they’ve always been, with everything), they’re understandably wary about what I share on the Internet. And while they were initially a little reluctant to contribute to this My Favourite Feelings series, I sense that they thoroughly enjoyed the activity of thinking about and listing some of their favourite feelings.

Today, it’s my Dad’s turn. He’s one of the best people ever, he’s very recently retired, and makes the best fluffiest mashed potatoes in the world. Here are some of his favourite feelings:

  • Waking up in the morning without needing to go to the office
  • Going to sleep with the thought that the morrow’s commitments are not binding
  • Listening to the cat purring
  • Speaking on Skype with our daughter
  • Making plans to visit Claire and Dave in Luxembourg
  • Driving a clean car
  • Shopping for a new car

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