My Favourite Feelings (Sunny’s)


Today, I’m sharing a list of favourite feelings by the lovely Sunny. She actually wrote it last spring (which explains the reference to spring below), but I’m publishing it now, since I’m back in the swing of blogging right now.

Sunny is an incredible photographer, she has the best hair, and she loves good music. Definitely one of the sweetest and most interesting people I’ve met in Luxembourg. Read some of her favourite feelings to find out how fascinating she is, and then head over to her blog to check out her beautiful photos.

  • The smell of freshly cut grass on a rainy Spring-day.
  • Hugs from my 4-year-old niece. They are the best.
  • To let go of people and things that are negative: very scary and difficult at first. But eventually you end up feeling so good.
  • Breakfasts and mornings. Morning is my favourite part of the day because I feel like I can do anything with my whole day which is still ahead of me. Yes, I am a morning-person and actually like waking up early.
  • When you get home after getting all wet in the rain and change into comfy and dry clothes.
  • Feeling and experiencing real love. So rare but so amazing.
  • Gratitude. Always feel thankful for those small things in life.
  • Adventures. Small and big. Near and far. I love feeling the adrenaline-rush.
  • When you know that someone is thinking of you. What a beautiful feeling to know that someone is taking the time and energy from their hectic, fast-paced life to think about you.
  • Crossing off things from my various to-do lists. I am a list addict and have different kinds of lists.
  • Connecting with someone.
  • Finding someone just as weird and “alternative” as you.
  • Watching a beautiful and touching movie.
  • Meditation.
  • Going to a concert and feeling the music with every part of your body.
  • When you see something in nature that is so beautiful that it is too much to take in and you end up having teary eyes.
  • Capturing the perfect moment with my camera.
  • Even if you are far from being perfect and far from having accomplished all your goals, realising that you kind of ended up OK in life.

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