My Favourite Feelings (Tiara’s)


Making friends in a foreign country is hard. Of course it’s hard. Especially when there are language barriers and when you don’t even work in an environment with other people (ah, the life of a freelancer). However, I’ve been exceptionally lucky to make a few wonderful (and international) friends here in Luxembourg. One of the loveliest of those is Tiara. We met at a wine-tasting event, became friends on Facebook, she read my blog and suggested meeting for a coffee, and that was it! Firm friends, lovers of wine and food, and the official Luxembourg Christmas market partners in crime. Tiara speaks a lot of languages (German! French! English! A language of India that I keep forgetting the name of because I am an ignorant European woman! Spanish! Probably others!), she gives the sweetest gifts, sends the best WhatsApp messages, and has one of the kindest souls I’ve ever encountered. And did I mention that she shares my love for wine? Wine.

Here are some of Tiara’s favourite feelings:

  1. Sitting in a window seat on a plane, feeling an adrenaline rush as the plane accelerates before takeoff, and then seeing the earth from a bird’s eye view :)
  2. I’m a sucker for beautiful sunsets/sunrises – amazing landscapes and natural beauty – Mother Nature never stops impressing me. My favourite spot was walking over a bridge over the river Maas in Maastricht, watching the sun set over the beautiful city – I never once got bored of that view in 8 years of living there.
  3. Sorry to lower the tone ;), but you know that awful feeling when you’re standing at the bus stop in the rain on the way home, dying to pee, and the bus seems to be going especially slowly that particular day, and then you finally somehow make it home and relieve yourself just in time… yeah that! Best feeling ever!!
  4. Completely forgetting all about my worries for 1 hour during my fabulous Zumba classes, and letting myself go with the music (and releasing my secret inner J-Lo ;)!)
  5. Big family dinners at home – my mom is an amazing cook <3
  6. Snuggling up onto a comfy sofa, with a snugly blanket, and watching fun stuff on TV (especially BBC cooking programmes!) (sob, sob – I miss this in Luxembourg… no sofa, TV or decent internet connection :()
  7. So instead, I love going for lunch/dinner/coffee/drinks/cake with good friends and having a lovely, long catch up, where you just lose track of time.
  8. CAKE
  9. Seeing old friends after ages and feeling as though nothing’s changed – and meeting new friends whom you feel like you’ve known forever <3
  10. Finding the perfect gift for someone and watching them open it with happy anticipation.
  11. Seeing my grandmother smile and laugh – she’s too cute!
  12. Cute, fat babies with chubby cheeks!!

Yes, these excellent favourite feelings are also mine, essentially. What about you? Send over your own favourite feelings to

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