Do you have a piece of text which you’d like to be as perfect as possible? I offer bespoke proofreading services, with a specific emphasis on academic work such as dissertations, theses and essays.

I’m a legal professional and proofreader. My life in academia lasted 7 years: I finished the Doctor of Laws course at the University of Malta in 2014 and have also completed a Master’s degree in History at a top English university, Durham University. Apart from 9+ years of proofreading, copywriting and editing experience, I have also undergone formal training with The Publishing Training Centre (UK). I also hold a Certificate (with an overall A grade) from the University of Malta in Proofreading in Maltese.

My varied experience with proofreading includes:

  • Award-winning dissertations and theses relating to ICT, Law, and Architecture;
  • Theses relating to Accountancy, Diplomatic Studies, Computing, the Humanities, and Law (including footnotes and bibliographies in the correct style) at both undergraduate and postgraduate level (including PhD);
  • Academic journals, with a particular focus on Law and History;
  • Magazine and newspaper articles;
  • A variety of websites and promotional material; and
  • An intimate acquaintance with a variety of style guides such as MHRA, OSCOLA, Harvard, and other specific guidelines issued by different faculties and departments of different universities.

Contact me on to discuss your needs, deadlines, and to get an all-inclusive quote. My rates are very reasonable (a rough indication of my rates is €15 per 1,000 words, but this changes depending on the type of text I’m working with) and I’m able to work with tight deadlines and all sorts of writing styles.

Some lovely things that clients have said about me:

Claire, I couldn’t have placed my thesis in safer hands! You were professional, efficient and thorough throughout, and genuinely helpful and invested in its success. Your commitment to excellence, even at the final stressful moments, and your brilliant knowledge of OSCOLA ensured my peace of mind and resulted in a much better product than I could ever have achieved without your input. I recommend your exceptional services wholeheartedly. THANK YOU SO MUCH!” Anna (Doctor of Laws, 2013)

I really appreciated the good work you did with my thesis, really and truly; I do not know how I would have survived without your help.” Claudia (Doctor of Laws, 2013)

I required proof-reading for my thesis this year. Claire provided me with the information she would require in order to be able to commence her work. We had agreements on deadlines from both ends to be able to finish on time. Claire is patient and very efficient. I would definitely recommend her services to anyone who wants to get their proofreading done in a very efficient and good manner. Thanks for your services, Claire.” Kathleen (Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours), 2013)

Thank you for the proofreading. You did a great job and I’m very happy with the end result. Well done!!” Sarah (Doctor of Laws, 2013)

Claire Bonello proved to be very professional while at the same time providing a very prompt service. She is very polite and has such a good command of the English language. It was a pleasure working with Claire – I would definitely recommend her services; and what really impressed me is that she goes out of her way to accommodate her client, taking utmost care to provide the very best that she can, and this shows in her work. I was more than satisfied: I was delighted with the final outcome, especially because of her sharp eye for detail. Well done, Claire. I wish you all the success for the future.” (A 2013 Doctor of Laws student)

I am truly grateful to have had Claire proofread my thesis. Her attention to detail and professional approach put my mind at rest about anything that might have escaped my attention. She went over and above to ensure that my thesis followed all the required criteria and I cannot but commend the end result of her hard work. I would definitely recommend Claire (wholeheartedly!) to anyone looking for someone to proofread their work. You will not be disappointed.” Annelise (Doctor of Laws, 2013)

Claire was incredibly efficient, meticulous and exacting with her work. She has a great level of attention to detail, and my footnotes and bibliography would have never looked so good without her! I’d definitely recommend her to anyone who needs proofreading for his or her dissertation.” Carl (Master of Laws (Lond), 2013)

Claire’s services are of a high standard: I would send her a chapter via email and she would proofread it and send it back within 3-4 days. It was a pleasure to work with her throughout. Not only would she correct the grammar in my dissertation, but she would also suggest any changes she deemed necessary in a separate track changing document. I would highly recommend such services; it is worth every penny spent.” Maria (BSc (Hons) Nursing, 2015)

I am not only grateful but also very pleased that I have come across Claire’s proofreading services. Apart from doing an excellent job in proofreading the material, she made sure that the thesis was in line with the criteria given by the department, she offered advice and reassurance whenever I needed an objective opinion, and always replied to emails on the same day. I would sincerely suggest her services.” Liza (BPsy (Hons), 2015)

I am so glad I came across Claire’s site five months ago when I required proofreading for my thesis. She is highly professional and committed to deadlines. She was not only an excellent proofreader, but she was also very supportive when things felt like they were going in the wrong direction. I do not know how I would have managed without her help. I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs proofreading. They will not be disappointed – guaranteed.” Diane (Master in Translation and Terminology Studies, 2015)

Claire is the most patient, understanding and professional person I’ve ever met. Finding it difficult to express myself in English, Claire has helped me in so many ways. I cannot thank Claire enough, as if it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t have gotten an amazing mark in my dissertation. She did not only proofread my work, but throughout my work, she constantly gave me further ideas on how to improve or what more to add. Not only that, but she went out of her way many many times to help me finish my chapters on time. I used to drive her crazy, sending her my work in a very short time and hoping she’d finish them by the due date, but to my surprise, she always did! She really takes care of her clients, always efficient and making sure I was always satisfied. She turned my fears and lack of self confidence into a person who became satisfied and so very proud of her work. I used to always look forward to her corrections, as they always turned my day into a better one, knowing that thanks to her I was now able to show and express my ideas in a clearer and more precise manner. Claire, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. You’re amazing! And apart from all of that, I found a very good friend in her, giving me all the courage and support I needed so very badly at the time. You’re one in a million.” Claire (Higher Diploma in Psychology, 2015)

Kelli rakkomandazzjoni mingħand ħabib tiegħi biex nistaqsi għas-servizz tal-qari tal-provi ta’ Claire u nista’ ngħid li verament ħriġt sodisfatta. Claire hi metikoluża ħafna fix-xogħol tagħha, toqgħod attenta għal kull dettall (inkluż il-punteġġjatura u xi spazju żejjed bejn kelma u oħra). Inkredibbli! Dejjem żammet maż-żmien stipulat. Il-footnotes u l-biblijografija għamlithom pinna. Nista’ ngħid li Claire marret oltre mill-irwol ta’ sempliċement qarrejja tal-provi għax kienet tgħaddili wkoll suġġerimenti biex inkun nista’ ntejjeb il-kitba tiegħi inkluż fejn kelli bżonn inqassar. L-emails kienet tweġibhom malajr u kull meta staqsejtha xi mistoqsija (mhux darba jew tnejn imma ġieli invadejtha bihom) dejjem irrispondietni bl-ikbar dedikazzjoni. Grazzi minn qalbi Claire :)” Lara Michelle (LL.D., 2016)

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