Several Brilliant Short Books I Read in 2017

Photo by Karim Ghantous on Unsplash

When I set myself the goal of reading 28 books last year, I panicked a little at the beginning of the year, and got into the groove of reading a lot of short books (some of which were so short I kind of felt like I was cheating…) – but it turned out fine because I read well over 70 books/graphic novels/items overall, so it definitely met my initial goal, regardless of how you’d classify the books.

This meant that I read a bunch of wonderful little books/zines/pamphlets which I must recommend to you. I love sitting down and reading a little book in one sitting – and little books are always easy to carry around, so I can get through so many so often.

Here are some of the top little books I read in 2017:

Mrs Rosie and the Priest – hilarious tales written in the fourteenth century.

All the zines by Fran Meneses – this is one of my favourite YouTubers who’s an illustrator and all-round lovely human. Her zines are so relatable and beautiful.

Daisy Miller and The Turn of the Screw – these two short novels by Henry James were fascinating, especially since I had heard about them for years but had never read them. Now I know.

The Unknown Unknown – this essay was surprisingly deep. Made me think.

The Suffragettes – I cannot tell you how important this little booklet was to me. Now I just want to publish my own, but for Malta.

The Happy Reader – possibly the best discovery of 2017. This book magazine is my favourite magazine, and it’s such a magical read, every time. Like a book club, in magazine form.

Animal Farm – I reread this classic in 2017 and it was as brilliant as I remember (maybe more so). A definite must-read, and a very quick read.

Le Petit Nicolas – very readable French and adorable stories about little Nicolas. I’ve already gotten the next one in the series and I hope to get to it this year.

The Life Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck – I heard this on audiobook while driving for 6 hours one evening from Normandy to Luxembourg. It was brilliant and hilarious.

Kate Tempest poetry books (Let Them Eat Chaos and Hold Your Own) – this woman is a genius, and I adore her poetry. Hold Your Own is probably my favourite, but I also saw her performing the entirety of Let Them Eat Chaos in Belgium, so it’ll always be special to me.

In short: little books are great, and I have a giant pile waiting to be tackled in 2018 and the years to come. Let me know your favourite little books (which I usually classify as being under 200 pages).

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