Sunday Photo Mishmash: a fabulous weekend


It’s been an amazing few days. On Friday, my boyfriend and I inadvertently “celebrated” Valentine’s Day and I went over to the restaurant (so fancy) at his place of work – he treated me to a very lovely three-course meal, with wine and everything. Later that day, we went to a gig (Lydia Ainsworth) and met the sweetest, most hilarious and lovable barman ever.

Saturday was The Big Day: Dave’s birthday! The day exceeded all my expectations – I lit 28 candles on Dave’s birthday brownie, we managed to catch a bus to the most adorable wine-making village by the Moselle river (Ahn), and had a ridiculously delicious and long (2.5+ hours) meal at a very fancy restaurant. It was so, so glorious. Then in the evening we went for a stroll around Luxembourg City centre and had a relaxed evening in (we started watching Twin Peaks too).

It almost felt like it was my birthday. It’s been one of the finest weekends ever. Hope everyone is having an equally wonderful few days.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Mishmash: a fabulous weekend

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Ohhhhh, I cannot WAIT to see Luxembourg in the spring. Snowy and misty landscapes have been new and interesting and often beautiful, but I can’t wait for springtime! <3

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