Sunday Photo Mishmash: a round-up of the past months

I haven’t put up a Sunday Photo Mishmash post in what feels like aeons. Here’s a round-up of a bunch of my pictures from the past few months.

Above, that’s me at a LUSH bloggers’ party at LUSH Luxembourg. I won the grand prize of the day – a giant 12 Days of Christmas gift pack! IT’S BEYOND AMAZING. I’m still not fully over the gleeful surprise. It’s glorious.

Below – it’s clearly been a season of wins – NUX spreads had a little competition for the best suggestion of a name for their new macadamia spread, and I won a generous package of nut spreads! My suggestion was Macadamia Mania. ;) It’s also super delicious, although my favourite will always be the wonderful, velvety cashew dream…

Autumn was beautiful and super vibrant here in Luxembourg. I adored it. This was me while walking towards a bus stop after giving an English lesson. (Ecco boots and Primark Super Cosy purple tights.)

I’ve travelled a lot over the past few weeks – including a crazy 16-hour layover in London, where I spent a night and a morning with my bestie (it was fantastic. We went to the Breakfast Club. And then to Tiger. Oh yes.). This is us in Canary Wharf.

Giant pancakes with bacon and maple syrup at the Breakfast Club:

And then I spent a nice long time in Malta (AKA the best place in the world). My boyfriend and I popped over to Gozo one afternoon. We found San Blas Bay, we had some ftajjar from Maxokk, it was AMAZING.

This is Għar Qawqla in Marsalforn that same day. LOOK AT THAT PURPLE COTTON CANDY SKY. My eyes tear up at the utter beauty.

We went to the Pub for a Halloween Party while we were in Malta, with all our friends. It was such a fun night, and my costume was Awesome.

I once had an hour to kill in Malta, with no other plans. So I grabbed my book and drove to Dingli Cliffs, where I sat and admired the breathtaking view. I hadn’t been there in ages. Ridiculously beautiful.

And my final photo for this mishmash: duck and waffle (and that VIEW) at Duck & Waffle in London. I’ve been meaning to head to this restaurant on the 40th floor of the Heron Tower for some delicious food for ages. And I finally managed to book a table for me and Annelise (aforementioned and pictured bestie in a photo further up), right by the window! It was fantastic, although the lift-ride back down was a little too… quick for my digestive system. But otherwise, delicious, special stuff. And the Head Chef tweeted at me after I tweeted the picture below! Whee!

Phew, quite a chunky mishmash! Hope you enjoyed it. Although it could be easily summarised as: Claire gushes about Malta and its beauty, and there’s also a little about LUSH and lots of food.

Happy Sunday!

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