Sunday Photo Mishmash: Easter holidays in Luxembourg

The mishmash is back! We had grand plans for this Easter holiday weekend, but never got ’round to booking anything, so instead we rented a car and decided to explore a bit more of our beautiful host country.

On Easter Saturday, we went on a hike in the Ardennes region. The hike was technically all in Germany (we crossed the border after a minute of walking), but our views were mostly of Luxembourg, and it was all very glorious. I’m still not used to seeing such super-tall trees and kilometres upon kilometres of forest.

For Good Friday, we went to Clervaux and attended the Good Friday service at the Benedictine abbey there. We also broke our fast with a delicious pizza in the town centre. Just look at that majestic white castle and the town church. And the sun had finally come out too!

On Thursday, we popped into Schengen for a quick visit. The place is very sweet (and all about the European Union). Here I’m pointing at the point in the water where the Schengen Agreement was signed, where THREE countries meet: Germany, France, and Luxembourg.

Hope everyone is having a very Happy Easter. We’re planning on another hike today. May the sunshine be with us.

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