Sunday Photo Mishmash: Festive Food

It’s been a lovely weekend of festive food with some wonderful people. I took the afternoon off on Friday and spent it with my bestie, Annelise, and we had a DELIGHTFUL lunch at Rising Sun in Marsaxlokk – heavenly octopus spaghetti, above.

Coffee and kannol, below.

Then yesterday I met up with a few beautiful women for a fancy afternoon tea at the Hilton. Pardon the slightly blurry photo, but I’m sure you can still make out the three three-tiered mountains of delicious food (and the Actual Best Hot Chocolate Ever). That last one was As Serious As I’ve Legitimately Ever Been. Seriously. Best ever.

Can’t wait for OH-SO-MUCH-MORE festive food over the next two weeks. Aaaand in two weeks’ time I’ll be munching some Luxembourgish food. Aaaaaaaa.

Maybe I’m not ready for this.

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