Sunday Photo Mishmash: I AM A CYCLING QUEEN

It’s official. I’m a cycling queen.

… Which means that I’ve been out cycling for a few times and the cycling confidence course actually worked. I’m feeling so good on my bike, even though I yelp any time my wheels get caught in a pothole or against a pavement, and I look ridiculous with my fluorescent pink vest and my very-unsexy helmet. But it’s been glorious to cycle, mostly on cycle paths along the Alzette river and through forests. It’s my new favourite pastime.

Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Mishmash: I AM A CYCLING QUEEN

    1. clairebonello Post author

      Haha, YES, “if you’re not in Malta” is very important :P I always feel like I’m going to be killed imminently whenever I’ve cycled in Malta… xx

  1. Corie Bratter

    I like to bike only in very relax and calm situations – like where is no one around and for sure not in the traffic. We used to have two bikes – my husband was riding a bike to work but it was like crazy – so I was quite relief when they stole them from our garage :P
    But the Alzette path is lovely, I normally walk there, the problem is walking you can do just a small part in one day.. so with the bike you got a chance to see more definitely!


    1. clairebonello Post author

      Yes, we cycled through Hesperange and around and it was so lovely – can’t wait to explore more countryside bits around the city :) Hope you get a bike again soon – I hate cycling in traffic too… I get so panicky and sweaty!


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