Sunday Photo Mishmash: Malta in July in several pictures

Beware: this post is going to be quite a photo-heavy Sunday Photo Mishmash. Strap yourself in, and let’s go!

Above: we flew directly from Luxembourg to Malta this time, and stopped in Zurich. We were clearly in Switzerland, as you can see.

Below: on my first morning back in Malta, my Mum and I had a lot of wedding-related errands to run, which we sorted in record time, so we treated ourselves to a very fancy lunch (I had oysters and Prosecco, and an aljotta – Maltese fish soup).

That evening, I was reunited with my two best friends (AKA kick-ass lawyers, AKA the best people on the planet, AKA possibly the best people in the universe), who I had already seen the previous evening when they had greeted me at the airport(!!). We met up with another lovely friend, Alex, and had several giant glasses of Aperol Spritz.

I should clearly be paid several sums of money for my most effective Aperol Spritz product placement.

The following morning, on Saturday, we had a giant lunch of delicious pancakes and fancy milkshakes, and then trudged through the hot and heavy Maltese sun to sort out a bunch of bridal shower preparations (including the purchasing of All The Drinks, the baking of scones, and the making of my most famous summer feta lemon dip).

That evening, my boyfriend and I went out for a fancy dinner in Valletta. The food was good, but the service ranged from lovely to downright rude (when some of the restaurant staff markedly ignore me in favour of launching their attention towards my male companion… yeah, no.). Probably won’t go there again.

The bridal shower that I organised was a roaring success, and I’m so happy and pleased about it. I just think back to that night and see a lot of smiling, laughing faces (best of which was the bride’s!) and feel most content.

Posting the screenshot below now feels a little strange, mostly because we were out in Luxembourg last night and I was downright chilly, and because the temperature in Malta this weekend has been about the same as it was in the screenshot below, only with about 88% humidity. Ouch. It was still hugely hot though.

Last week, I hosted a little BBQ at my house, and we had a great time munching on sausages (pink sausages are my absolute favourite) and taking instax photos.

On Wednesday, while in Malta, my two best friends and I went on an all-day boat trip around parts of Malta, Gozo and Comino. It was splendid. We had delicious swims and ate a lot of ice-cream and slushies (well, I did), and became quite sunburnt (at least, I did – even though I spent so much time applying sunscreen! UGH.).

Look at that sea <3

On Saturday, post-wedding, I headed off to Gozo with my two best friends. We had a lovely lunch, including some sparkling wine.

My lunch included the meeting (and eating) of a new friend. (So delicious.)

Then, in the evening, we were joined by two other friends for a Very Nice Dinner at one of our favourite restaurants, Patrick’s. I drank Pimm’s, and had pulpetti (fish patties), pork belly, and chocolate fondant (obviously).

Then, on Sunday morning, I finally went to a (relatively) new cafeteria in Naxxar. Everyone, Flora’s is so worth the hype. Everything was delicious, unpretentious, and so pleasant. I wish I could go there every week. (I had cinnamon French toast and a hazelnut iced coffee, while my boyfriend had a peanut butter milkshake with cinnamon roll ups.)

Later, on Sunday, we went for a dip in my favourite sea (my last sea-swim for a while). :'(

And then, on Monday, we headed back to Luxembourg. My lovely friend Valentina thankfully hoisted me out of my post-Malta slump on Wednesday when she invited me along to a guided tour of a MUDAM exhibition. It was really fascinating, and I’d love to go again and explore more of the exhibits.

Phew – that was a long one! Hope everyone has had a great few weeks, and will have a fantastic week and August. :)

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      I’m sure you’d love it! :)

      Cheaper alternatives include flying from Brussels or Frankfurt (Lufthansa/Air Malta) :)

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