Sunday Photo Mishmash: MY BIRTHDAY (and Pretzel Sunday)

It was my 26th birthday this week, but first, it was Pretzel Sunday (or Bretzelsonndeg) – where David went out and bought me a giant pretzel cake of sugary almond-y heaven. Yum.

As already discussed, my birthday was Fantastic this year, and my boyfriend surprised me with several excellent gifts, including the leather jacket I’ve been wanting for weeks (and have needed for years…), a beautiful book (which I’ve already read – it’s EXQUISITE) and train tickets to Metz, a gorgeous city in France.

My boyfriend popped over to the boulangerie around the corner for some tasty breakfast, while I got ready.

We headed towards Metz (while marvelling at the beautiful river in Thionville) and had the most spectacular day of sightseeing and walking and enjoying the architecture and All.The.Things. We had lunch at a super-fancy restaurant (where they SPRINT towards your chair after you’ve been to the bathroom so that they can open it out for you. Ridic.) which has a Michelin Star. Oh yeah. Treat.Yo.Self.

It was an excellent day. And then, when we got home, I found a giant bouquet of beautiful flowers from my parents, which have been brightening up my life ever since.

I’m already super-excited about celebrating my birthday again (a little belatedly) in Malta in a few weeks’ time. Hope everyone is having a great Sunday – don’t forget to recharge!

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